Getting onboard!

We’ve redesigned our process for onboarding new employees. By creating a warm, supportive environment, we’re able to provide a positive introduction to the business. This new approach is built upon our company values, an ethos that’s so important to us all.

Designing our onboarding process

We began the review by analysing our current process. That led us to identify areas we could improve upon. We then followed this by agreeing how the process should be designed.

Trialling our process

Our onboarding process is currently being trialled with our most recent additions. Going forward we’ll continually review how we introduce new members into our Entec Si family.

“The onboarding process was invaluable to me when settling into the Entec Si family. It has been the most thorough I have received to date in my career. This really goes to show the importance Entec Si places on its people and their values. The process included a healthy mix of system and process learning, time spent on site and a fantastic coaching session to highlight areas of focus for my Entec Si journey.
Chris Ford, Programme Manager

“The onboarding process gave me a good understanding of what defines Entec Si and sets them apart from other consultancy firms. It isn’t their procedures or the day to day activities, but rather how their values drive who they are and what they do.”
Dan Bowlzer, Business Analyst

Published: Jan 10, 2018

By Tamara Pleasant

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