Analysis practice

Meet the Analysis Practice, which comprises our Business Analysts and Data Analysts.  Our role varies from client to client and project to project.  Put simply, it’s our job to understand, capture and communicate the facts of a project.  Getting to grips with the facts could mean looking at the processes people follow, the data they rely on, the systems and tools in use or a combination of all these things.

Agreeing requirements

Our main responsibility is to develop an understanding of a client’s operation. This enables us to uncover the root cause of an issue or realise benefits. With this understanding, we build a set of clear requirements. In order to achieve this we use a range of techniques including: workshops, interviews, observation and process or data modelling.

Skills analysis

To be successful as analysts, it is important that we bring a variety of skills.  Many of these are softer skills:

  • Problem solving
  • Strategic thinking
  • Technical writing
  • Public speaking
  • Team building
  • People skills
  • Clear and logical thinking

Delivering the right solution

We contribute to the success of a project by developing an understanding of a problem and helping to uncover potential solutions. Through collaboration with teams we’re able to effectively manage expectations. As a result we play a large part in ensuring that the right system is delivered for a client.

The brain of the project

Business analysis is an umbrella term. It includes very practical work, such as illustrating the outcomes of an organisation. On the other hand, it can consist of detailed process mapping or the modelling of a data flow. Even some of the more consultative elements, for example strategic organisational design, can be regarded as business analysis. In a word, a Business Analyst can be seen as the “brain” of a project. Just don’t tell the project managers we said that!



Published: Jun 8, 2018

By Tim Powlson

Senior Business Consultant

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