Moving forward with CSSC

We’ve been working closely with the Civil Sports Council (CSSC) on their Digital Service Programme (DSP), so we’re taking a moment to give you an update. Not only are we thrilled to be working on this, but it has generated a lot of excitement and engagement across the CSSC team.

All the working parts

We’ve had three suppliers onboard to deliver a new online events management solution, a new customer relationship management (CRM) tool and a new website and online shop.

Our online events software development has been completed. The next step is to test and update the system with the Head Office staff and volunteers who organise events. The idea is to do this in a ‘live’ environment.

As for the CRM, the initial development work has also been completed. We’re now working with both the supplier and the web supplier. This is to develop the integrations to allow both systems to talk to each other.

Finally, we’ve adopted an Agile approach for the website with sprints for the different parts of the site. We’re progressing the designs and wireframes in advance of build.

Running full speed ahead

The coming months are all about preparing for launches and end-to-end testing with users, so we’re expecting a full-on time. There’s still work to do on this programme, but we’re truly full speed ahead!

Published: Jan 21, 2019

By Luke Taylor

Programme Manager

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