Entec Si – Covid Recovery Statement, September 2020

The Entec Si team have been following official guidance from the Government and health authorities during the Covid-19 outbreak. We have and continue to ensure we have a range of measures in place to protect our team and clients. Whilst we are still very much following these, we have noticed, over the past few weeks things start to open up in the world around us, people are eating out, socialising a little more, some meetings are being held face-to-face and many of our children have now returned to school. This brings with it a whole host of uncertainties as we start to trust ourselves a little more and wonder what the future holds.

Our priority is our team and our clients; as we start to re-introduce some normality into our lives, our personal and work schedules are likely to become a little more complex. We recognise this and are patient and empathetic in our approach.  Please feel relaxed, we are all working in a new way and place. We understand if you need to be on a school run during the day, we understand if your dog needs to be sat on your lap or if you child needs attending to. 

We have gone from ‘normal’ to ‘not-normal’ almost overnight, where our lives have been turned upside down and we have been working (and living) in relative solitude for many months now. We are again in a time of transition – hopefully from ‘not-normal’ to a ‘better’ normal. A world that has gifted us time, flexibility and permission to see, and do things differently. 

We are planning to continue to work from home by default for the time being, but it does feel like we are on a road to recovery, a positive first step into the new world and one we welcome with open arms. As we transition, we will be mindful that as things change, we need to adapt again to a different way of working and this may be challenging for some. We will remember our humanity, stay faithful to our values and above all; be kind.  

The measures we’ve put in place include:

  • Amending company ways of working – we’ve implemented new company policies and operational procedures to safeguard the health and safety of all of our teams and and clients – ensuring our ways of working limit the spread of COVID-19
  • Keeping up to date with guidance – our whole team is receiving official guidance on how to avoid catching or spreading coronavirus and the steps to take if they have coronavirus symptoms
  • Home working – we’ve always worked flexibly, but remote working has become our new norm for the time being. As some of the sectors we operate in involve key workers, we are attending site on occasions to support these areas, but only when necessary
  • Daily updates – we’re contingency and continuity planning on an ongoing basis to ensure there is no disruption to the service we provide   

How can we help?

We’re in the business of change and we’re helping many to adjust to this new world. Now is the time to make change happen, not run away from it and for many organisations, there is no choice but to adapt. 

Although this is unlike any usual circumstance, there are many ways in which we can support organisations through the coronavirus outbreak – get in touch for support and guidance. The areas of most interest at the moment include:

  1. COVID Recovery Planning Health Check
  2. Business continuity planning
  3. Implementing remote working for your staff, including fit for purpose tools and technology, processes, procedures, documents, training and support
  4. Facilitation of online meetings and documentation/online workshops/FAQs
  5. Supply chain analysis
  6. eLearning development

Published: Mar 31, 2020

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