COVID-19 series: our top tips for successful remote working

Many companies had to quickly introduce remote working solutions over the last few months to ensure that employees could continue to work from home. With remote working expected to become increasingly popular as we move into a ‘new normal’, working processes must be designed for the long term.

A people-focused approach

A shift to remote working has made it harder for employers to promote and maintain the wellbeing of their employees. Managers should facilitate regular opportunities for employees to chat face-to-face via video, both on an individual and group basis. This would enable them to gain an understanding of how each employee is coping. However, it should be noted that not everyone will be as comfortable discussing their issues. In such situations an anonymous questionnaire can assess morale while offering individuals the opportunity to provide feedback.

Communication is key

For many managers, this is likely to have been their first experience of managing a team remotely and it can bring about challenges. Clear communication will continue to be crucial in ensuring the entire team not only feel included but also have the opportunity to interact and build connections with the team outside of work. From Zoom and Slack to WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams, virtual communication has never been easier. Managers should encourage their teams to connect through the chosen platforms as much as possible.

Manage expectations

For many, a shift to remote working will present challenges, whether that be juggling working life with home schooling and childcare, or simply adjusting to social distancing practices. Managers should establish realistic and achievable expectations for their team. By clearly defining projects and tasks and focusing on outcomes, individuals are likely to feel more accomplished.

The current situation has proven that organisations can adapt to new realities. By focusing on employee wellbeing, providing the right tools and establishing the right support networks, businesses can ensure that their people remain happy and productive.

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Published: Aug 4, 2020

By Anna Taylor

Principal Consultant

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