Meet the consultant… Sue Johnson-Gregory

Principal Consultant

In a nutshell, what do you do?

As a principal consultant, my role involves a bit of everything; leadership, building relationships and hands-on project delivery.

A big part of what I do is scoping our commissions and ensuring that all projects are delivered as agreed – this often involves keeping an eye on several at once!

As a mentor, I also need to know how to listen, help bring out the best in my team and support their development – an important quality of a good consultant.

How did your consultancy career begin?

I started my career in logistics for one of the world’s largest toy companies, which sounds like every child’s dream! As well as being a fun introduction to the world of work, the role sparked my life-long interest in continuous improvement and problem solving.

My first real taste of business transformation came when I helped to deliver a new IT project, focused on inventory management. From then on, I was hooked on the challenge of helping organisations to achieve positive change and have since supported with many fascinating projects across the public and private sectors.

What’s your favourite thing about Entec Si?

There’s a lot to love about working at Entec Si, from its warm and passionate people to the genuine commitment that the team puts into everything they do. Our focus on joined-up working with clients and culture of always going one step further, whether in terms of developing professional skills or spotting areas for improvement, also makes me proud to be part of the Entec Si family.

What are the vital skills of a change management consultant?

One essential quality is knowing how to listen – I learned early on the importance of following the “two ears, one mouth” rule when working with clients or team members! Identifying different perspectives is critical when comprehending how to make change happen. It’s also important to recognise that no single approach will work for everyone, so being able to adapt communication styles is vital too.

Being a good strategist and able to predict future challenges is also key – consultancy can be a bit like chess sometimes!

Your greatest achievement at Entec Si so far?

One of the projects that I’m proudest of is our work with the NHS on putting in place a coronavirus response strategy. While much of the UK was in lockdown, myself and the team were doing all we could to help the healthcare system manage the crisis and deliver an exceptional service to those in need. It was an intense time but I’m extremely proud of how the team handled the challenge (especially remotely) and the improvements we were able to make.

How have you found balancing work and life during the pandemic?

As a mother of two young girls who works full time, it hasn’t been easy! However, balancing my work and family life while working remotely has helped me to become more creative about how I structure my working day, and where I work! As someone who’s a real people person, not being able to talk to people face to face (over a nice cup of tea), has been particularly strange.

Working from home has also helped me to rekindle my love of running, which used to be difficult to fit into my day. In May, I even completed a half marathon!

Something we might not know about you?

Three years ago, my family and I set out on an ‘Eat, Pray, Love’-style adventure! We travelled across Europe and Asia and even enjoyed life in an idyllic French mountain village for a while. It was transformational – we really came together as a family and I was able to teach my girls things that they might not learn through traditional schooling. It made me realise that memories are one of the most precious things you can collect in life.

Published: Sep 30, 2020

By Sue Johnson-gregory

Principal Consultant

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