Prepare for take-off: Optimising the passenger journey

Delays can cause a host of issues for airports, increasing the risk of both reputational and commercial damage. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is now adding further considerations. Delays are not only an inconvenience for travellers, but could also potentially create health and safety risks, making efficiency a more important issue than ever before.

As such, careful consideration of passengers’ routes to and from the airport has become essential in ensuring that the experience is as smooth as possible. With this in mind, technology has become a vital tool for reducing passenger tensions, should anything go awry.

Using your website

While commonly overlooked, websites are a basic requirement for many businesses. They are often the first touchpoint for customers seeking information. Data collected from an airport website can provide airlines with the opportunity to customise the experiences they offer. For instance, offering discounts on executive lounges to passengers known to be arriving early, or updating travellers arriving by car of parking space availability.

Passenger journeys to your airport

It’s also vital to have an awareness of any factors that could impact the passenger journey, including:

  • Transport issues
  • Local infrastructure works
  • Seasonal changes
  • National holidays

Having an awareness of and communicating these potential disruptions with passengers as soon as possible can help to mitigate against any potential impact on travellers’ journeys and ensure expectations are managed.

Digital wayfinding is vital

Before the pandemic, a number of airports across the world were beginning to be considered destinations in themselves. Increasingly they were taking a much more customer-centric approach. Technology such as digital wayfinding, which allows passengers to navigate the terminal and access services, was being embraced. This has enabled passengers to make the most of their free time before flying.

However, over the last few months digital wayfinding technology has been given a new purpose – with clear signage around airports becoming essential to managing passenger flow around terminals and ensuring social distancing.

It is not always easy to balance these elements, however, by encouraging successful collaboration with stakeholders and partners and prioritising customer experience, airports can optimise the entire passenger experience while ensuring that it remains as safe as possible.

For more information on how to optimise the passenger journey, please contact Matthew Garett.

Published: Oct 7, 2020

By Matthew Garrett

Programme Manager

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