Meet the consultant… Shaun Richards

Project Coordinator

What does your role involve day-to-day?

Being project coordinator involves making sure all the different elements of a project come together in the right way and that everyone involved knows exactly what they’re meant to be doing.

As I have quite a varied career background, I’m also able to work with clients on different kinds of projects and across a range of sectors. One day I may be putting together a plan for an office design and refurbishment project and the next I‘m helping a client with the implementation of a new IT system.

What did your path to becoming project coordinator look like?

It’s quite an interesting story! I started my career in sales, but then moved to the public sector in 2008 to work for the Library of Birmingham. It was there that I met my future colleagues, Julie Smith and Eman Al-Hillawi, while working on an internal IT project. They must have been pleased with my work because a while later, I received a call from Julie to say a role had come up at Entec Si. I’ve never looked back.

The best thing about your job?

It’s the people, without a doubt. We all have our unique strengths but one thing we have in common is that we’re brilliant at getting the best out of each other to get great results for the client.

The past few months have really highlighted Entec Si’s commitment to its people. Every possible step has been taken to ensure we feel supported and kept in the loop about pandemic-related changes. After more than six months of working at home, I can honestly say that I still feel very well connected to my colleagues and like a valued part of the team.

What do you think you bring to Entec Si on a personal basis?

I hope that my versatility and determination to keep on improving have shone through in my first year at Entec Si. The team knows that they can rely on me to suggest new and better ways of doing things and my diverse project experience helps me to see problems from different perspectives, in order to offer the most effective solution. I’d also like to think that I’m honest and dependable, so people can always count on me to deliver my best, no matter how big or small the task.

How do you keep learning and develop your professional skills?

In the world of consultancy, it’s important to never stop improving your skills. Early on at Entec Si, I was given the opportunity to take my PRINCE2 project management qualification, which I’m very grateful for. The business is a strong believer in keeping its people up to date and at the forefront of industry developments. As part of my current training around the business’ new Salesforce CRM platform, I even have a weekly slot that’s dedicated to my learning.

The best thing about working in Birmingham?

Birmingham is an amazing and vibrant place to live and work and it’s hard to pick a single best thing! Investment is pouring into the city and I believe that it will play a vital role in the UK’s economic recovery over the next couple of years.

Your favourite things to do outside of work?

Lockdown has really helped to develop my passion for running. Doing it regularly has not only benefited my mental health and wellbeing, it’s helped to push me out of my comfort zone too. I recently ran a marathon for the very first time!

I think it’s also really important to learn something new if you have a chance, which is why I’ve taken up carpentry. I’m a long way from creating any masterpieces, but I have enjoyed making garden planters for members of my family.   

Who inspires you, and why?

It may sound like a cliché, but I really admire my fiancé. She moved to the UK a few years ago and has had to create a new life for herself, building a career from scratch. Her tenacity and courage have grown no end over the past few years and I know that she can handle anything that life throws at her.

Published: Oct 23, 2020

By Shaun Richards

Project Coordinator

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