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Our company values are critical to everything we do. One of these is collaboration. It’s a behaviour that’s at the core of our blended team approach, whether that’s working with clients, partners and associates or collaborating together. So we asked some of our team what collaboration means to them.

Eilis Garton-Marrows, Project Support:

“Two heads are better than one. For me, collaboration is about connecting with people in order to execute great ideas. This has also seen a positive impact on my learning and development!

Luke Taylor, Programme Manager:

Collaboration is at the core of what Entec Si does. We have built our success on the collective value and strengths that different individuals bring to situations and the ability to play people to their strengths and how we work together to get the job done (as Bob the Builder would say). As the common phrase goes we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Throughout the lockdown period, I believe that we’ve really been able to harness the power of remote working to collaborate more easily and it has enabled us to get insights from different individuals who may have been maxed. I have benefitted whilst developing the Business Development team, processes and systems from the ability to call on experts and work with others where I have gaps has allowed us to make swifter progress but also enabled my 

From a consultancy perspective, I think collaboration runs at the very heart of what we do. As consultants we aren’t expert in every field but what we are experts in is getting the right people, with the right experience and skillsets in to the right conversations to ensure that we all achieve the outcomes that we’re aiming for

Dave Fisher, Business Support Manager:

It has been truly fantastic to see how colleagues across the company have demonstrated the Entec Si core value of collaboration during the Coronavirus pandemic.  As Business Support Manager, focusing on internal operations within the company, everyone has ‘stepped up’ and worked together on key priorities.  Whether it was new systems, processes, internal projects – whatever has been needed, colleagues have made themselves readily available and have worked together positively, contributing their own individual skills, knowledge and strengths.  The positive impact for the company and my own work has been enormous.”

Eman Al-Hillawi, Principal Consultant:

“Collaboration is also about how we work with our associates and partners to make the business tick. Associates, including Ammba, Simon Barnard, Jayne Bacon, Mark Baxter and others have helped us deliver on so many different projects and programmes where we needed a blend of skills that are outside of our organisation. Furthermore, our partners such as MDP, Schofield & Associates, Pearl Comms, Jude Jennison, Alison Delaney, Clive Griffiths, Dean Williams, and others offer a level of support and challenge that keeps us on our toes and moves us forward as a growing and developing as an organisation. In our collaborative approach to partnerships and associates, we truly live and breathe our blended team approach.

Tim Powlson, Senior Business Consultant:

Within the Entec team, we collaborated extensively on creating the TOM slides.  A group inputted thinking and ideas, a smaller group pulled together the initial model, then a slightly different group working up the communication pack.  This then allowed another level of understanding and review before releasing it to the wider team for the whole company feedback and collaboration (which is now underway).

With our clients, Sue Johnson Gregory and I have been collaborating with Heart of England Mencap Exec team.  We have supported them to build and communicate their strategic thinking ready to share with their Senior Leadership Team while also collaborating with their IT and operational staff to build a more detailed picture of their technical landscape and challenges.

Collaboration may be enabled by technology but it is actually a collection of behaviours driven by a belief that we are greater than the sum of our parts. Whilst there may be individuals with great skills and ideas, we should recognise that, as a group with patience, the outcome is nearly always improved when worked on together.

Published: Nov 26, 2020

By Eman Al-Hillawi

Principal Consultant

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