Enabling the third sector to keep on giving

The not-for-profit sector has had to quickly adapt its practices during the pandemic. With a growing demand for charitable services, it’s important that organisations embrace continuous improvement, modernise their processes and use new technologies to achieve efficiencies.

Look to the future

In order to overcome COVID-19-related challenges to services and fundraising, organisations should consider adapting their operations in line with guidelines, for example, switching to virtual fundraising events. Charities should also consider a forward-looking culture of continuous improvement, focusing on sector pain points and consistent impactful changes to prepare for the future.

Three ingredients of effective change

When considering change on a small budget, the golden triangle’ model, consisting of people, processes and systems, can provide a roadmap for successful implementation. With help from external experts, charities can become more efficient and benefit from improved access to fundraising. However, for successful change to happen, people must buy into new processes and technology.

Remember that change is personal

By building on the lessons learned during the pandemic, not-for-profit organisations will be in a better position to embrace positive change. As part of this, leaders should remember that change affects everyone differently and ensure employees feel supported at every stage of the transformation process with consistent and honest communication.

An attitude of ongoing improvement

Charities must focus on continually improving in order to become more resilient and continue their crucial work. Although large-scale change may be the ultimate goal, through minor shifts in the right direction and by keeping people at the core, change will allow charities to support their communities for years to come.

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Published: Jan 19, 2021

By Jack Considine

Business Analyst

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