Putting our employees’ mental wealth first

Supporting our team's health and wellbeing

The events of 2020 caused feelings of stress and isolation for many people, impacting their mental health. As an organisation we have always recognised the importance of having a supportive working environment. However the pandemic really solidified the need for a safe and judgement-free space for our team to discuss their concerns.

Opening up the conversation

To help encourage our people to open up about their mental health, we have created a Mental Wealth Working Group. This takes the form of a Teams channel run by our Mental Wealth team. The group allows those from across the business to have open discussions about how they are feeling and offer support to one another.

A united company

To accompany the group discussions, the Mental Wealth team has been working alongside the CSR group to arrange monthly events that bring the company together. These have included recipe sharing for Veganuary and holding a virtual ‘Brew Monday’ event to mark Blue Monday.

Keeping up the momentum

Finding innovative ways to support employee wellbeing is an ongoing task. But this is something that we are all committed to working towards. We are continuing to encourage all of our staff to be open and honest about any worries they might have.

Removing the stigma

Eman Al-Hillawi, co-founder and director of Entec Si, said:

“The nature of consultancy work means many of us are focused on different clients and projects. However, it is vital that we take the time to talk altogether, making real connections in what can be a lonely time.

“We hope that having a dedicated Mental Wealth group will remove the stigma that often looms over mental health. Our people will always be our priority, and the pandemic has put into perspective just how important the support of our colleagues is.”

Published: Feb 9, 2021

By Eman Al-Hillawi

Principal Consultant

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