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From biochemist to consultant, Eman Al-Hillawi describes her leadership journey

From research scientist to businesswoman, learn more about our managing director, Eman Al-Hillawi’s leadership journey and her ambitious plans for Entec Si’s future.

It all started in the lab

Eman attended the University of Birmingham, where she completed a Biochemistry degree before embarking on her PhD. Working in a lab coat provided her with the perfect foundation for a career in consulting.

Although Eman found academia interesting, she knew that her true passion was for people. She sought a position that was more dynamic and engaging, which led her to take on the role of business analyst at a major IT company.

It was in this role that Eman got her first taste of the consultancy world and met our managing director and principal consultant, Peter Marsden. When Peter asked Eman to join him in running Entec Si, she took a leap of faith and has never looked back.

Evolving Entec Si

To begin with, Entec Si was focused on IT and technology implementation. However, as time moved on, it became clear there was a gap in the market between the ‘Big Four’ management consultancies and one-person contractors.

Entec Si was doing things very differently to other consultancies. Its ‘blended teams’ approach focuses on working alongside clients as partners to get them the best results.

The business became a chameleon organisation that could adapt quickly to the needs of its clients.

Overcoming hurdles

The biggest challenge of Eman’s career (and her proudest achievement) was the delivery of the Library of Birmingham. A project spanning five years, Eman learnt that when surrounded by the right people, anything is possible.

More recently, Eman also had to guide Entec Si through the challenges the pandemic has presented. While the uncertainty was daunting, it instilled resilience into the business and the team is emerging stronger on the other side.

Looking towards the future

Eman is now looking forward to tackling new challenges both in her personal and professional lives.

She will soon be embarking on her new ventures as an author and a helicopter pilot in training. Professionally, she is focused on growing Entec Si and fully transitioning into her new role as CEO.

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Published: Jul 9, 2021

By Eman Al-Hillawi

Managing director

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