Meet the consultant… Samantha Garrathy

1. Put simply, what does a consultant do?

Most consultancy work revolves around project and programme planning, management and delivery. As Entec Si specialises in change management, a lot of my consultancy experience has focused on assisting with transformation projects. This involves careful planning and a consideration of the knock-on effects of different business changes.

From liaising closely with clients and building strong working relationships with them to working out what their needs are, communication is also key to great consultancy.

2. In your view, what kinds of people make great consultants?

To be a consultant, it’s essential to be organised. As you’ll be dealing with different projects at the same time, you need to be able structure your day accordingly and prioritise.

While there are lots of skills that a consultant needs to learn, you need to love a challenge.

Problem solving and having the open mindedness to try different approaches are other important skills to have.

3. What was your first impression of Entec Si?

Having come from a corporate background, Entec Si’s close family feel was something that I noticed straight away. Here everyone is made to feel included and that their voice is just as important as someone more senior.

The fact that we now work remotely more often hasn’t impacted how well we gel together either. Although I started my role only a few days before the first lockdown, I’ve felt connected with my team throughout.

4. What’s the most important lesson you learned in your time at Entec Si so far?

Always ask questions! Starting out in a new role can be overwhelming, but at Entec Si there’s a culture of open and honest communication. This means that I was able to easily speak to my team about any queries or concerns from the start.

The other major lesson I’ve learned at Entec Si is the importance of self-care and having a good work-life balance. Whereas in the past I might not have made such an effort to draw a line between my professional and personal lives, the team really respects this, which is helping me to bring my best self to my work.

5. What are your unique strengths?

I’m a people-person and a great communicator; a strength that Entec Si has helped me to bring out even more.

I don’t think I would be a good consultant without being extremely organised. I’m known to go as far as planning my schedule in detail a week in advance!

6. What are some top tips for those looking to begin their career in consulting?

To hit the ground running in consultancy, I think being a comfortable at holding conversations is important.

Consultancy requires us to gather information from a client or colleague and use it to help us reach our target. It’s also important to have a learner mindset and seek knowledge where you can get it. Consultancy is such a rapidly evolving field and we need to be aware of all the latest innovations.

7. What would your ideal holiday look like?

It’s a strange combination, but I really like to both relax and go on  adventures. I’d love to travel to Mexico one day; I feel like it would be the ideal place to relax but also to explore. On one hand, you’ve got amazing beaches and on the other hand you have a rich culture that mixes European heritage with ancient customs.

Published: Oct 6, 2021

By Samantha Garrathy


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