Julie Smith supports Worcestershire rejuvenation

02 November 2022
Following the completion of a high-profile change project, Julie Smith, one of our managing consultants,...
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Unveiling our new brand refresh

14 October 2022
We are proud to unveil our refreshed brand identity as we embark on the next...
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Meet the consultant… Sushila Vadukul

07 October 2022
1. What is the role of managing consultant? One thing is for sure, and that is...
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Our latest hire opens doors to emerging markets

05 October 2022
Following our recent drive for new talent, we welcome Nadine Kubalek to our growing team....
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Five top tips for successfully implementing employee self-service portals

29 September 2022
The popularity of employee self-service (ESS) and manager self-service (MSS) systems to aid several human...
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Local couple swoop star prize in Entec Si sponsored charity golf event

22 September 2022
Two local residents celebrated winning a week in a traditional Cyprus villa thanks to our...
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Putting employees first with Sarah Frost’s new promotion

14 September 2022
We continue to prove our commitment to employee development with the promotion of Sarah Frost...
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Surgical robot project hits new milestone

01 September 2022
Construction work to support the introduction of the highly anticipated surgical robot has been successfully...
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How to successfully manage an office revamp

24 August 2022
The increase in hybrid working has led to many organisations reassessing their property strategy and...
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Meet the consultant… Anna Lane

09 August 2022
1. What does your day-to-day role as a senior consultant look like? Life as a senior...
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Meet the consultant… Jack Sixsmith

13 July 2022
1. How did you get into change consultancy? I’ve had an unconventional career path. From university,...
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Top five tips for tackling NHS capacity challenges and patient waiting lists

15 June 2022
While normality is returning post-pandemic, the NHS has been left with a waiting list of...
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Meet the consultant… Peter Marsden

13 May 2022
1. Why and when did you set up Entec Si? There were three main reasons why...
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We promote a third of our team in our ‘thrive’ year

06 May 2022
We have demonstrated our passion for people development by announcing an impressive ten promotions. Four people...
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Meet the consultant… Sarah Towers

13 April 2022
1. What does a consulting director do? A little bit of everything, which keeps the role...
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Welcoming two new additions to the Entec Si team

28 March 2022
When it comes to new hires, two is always better than one. We’re delighted to...
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Eman Al-Hillawi on five steps to a more diverse consulting industry

22 March 2022
Gender bias is something that many women, including myself, experience throughout their consulting careers. While...
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Meet the consultant… Sarah Frost

15 March 2022
1. What does an average day look like for a senior resource manager? There’s no such...
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Getting set for growth with two new hires

24 February 2022
We’ve started the year as we mean to go on, strengthening our consultancy expertise with...
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Five years at Entec Si

23 February 2022
After five years at Entec Si, I have gained so much; a brain full of...
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Challenging change management myths

18 February 2022
Change and business go hand in hand, however, the people side of change can present...
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Meet the consultant… Ben Brown

17 February 2022
1. Describe what a Junior Consultant does in as few words as possible The role...
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How to put communities at the centre of change

03 February 2022
Collaboration with communities is a key way for local authorities to boost engagement and improve...
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Meet the consultant… David Fisher

21 January 2022
1. What does a Business Support Manager do? I specialise in strengthening Entec Si’s internal operations,...
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Entec Si gives back

06 January 2022
Entec Si went the extra mile for charity in 2021, donating a record sum of...
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Four things you might not know about our CEO

21 December 2021
If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about our CEO, Eman Al-Hillawi, now’s your chance....
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2022 set to be a year of growth following framework wins

17 December 2021
After achieving steady growth in 2021, we’re preparing for an even more successful 2022 after...
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Meet the consultant… Devesh Punjani

07 December 2021
1. In a nutshell, what does a consultant do? As a junior consultant, I mainly support...
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Five top tips for successful remote working in the healthcare sector

30 November 2021
To reduce pressure on healthcare workers, introducing remote working where possible will be vital. However,...
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There’s always room for improvement

23 November 2021
Change is something that many businesses have become used to over the pandemic, but transformation...
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Meet the consultant…

12 November 2021
1. How did you go from a career in events to the world of change...
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Helping a local charity garden to thrive

09 November 2021
Our team recently got their gardening gloves on in an effort to rejuvenate the...
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Meet the consultant… Samantha Garrathy

06 October 2021
1. Put simply, what does a consultant do? Most consultancy work revolves around project and programme...
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Living the learning

30 September 2021
During the last 10 months, despite maintaining high levels of chargeability, it’s apparent that I...
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Five top tips for switching to hybrid working

10 September 2021
Covid-19 restrictions having lifted, some organisations are planning to return to the office. However, with...
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Meet the consultant… Matt Garrett

09 September 2021
1. What does being a principal consultant consist of? Key to being a principal consultant is...
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Our CEO takes dedication to Birmingham businesses to the next level

26 August 2021
Having lived in the city for over three decades, our CEO, Dr. Eman Al-Hillawi, has...
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Our senior leadership team is evolving

06 August 2021
As Entec Si goes from strength to strength, we’ve appointed a new CEO and executive...
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Meet the consultant…

03 August 2021
1. Please define your role in just a few words As an Assistant Consultant, it’s my...
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Meet our managing director

09 July 2021
From research scientist to businesswoman, learn more about our managing director, Eman Al-Hillawi’s leadership journey...
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Meet the consultant… Pete Britten

08 July 2021
1. In a nutshell, what does your role involve? In my role as a consultant, I...
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Handling increased demand as people return to the skies

01 July 2021
Foreign holidays are calling out to many. As more countries are added to the Government’s...
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We’re back on track

15 June 2021
We’re bouncing back from the challenges of the pandemic by investing in more top talent...
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Bringing working innovations to the not-for-profit sector

11 June 2021
COVID-19 has forced many not-for-profit organisations to prepare for a more remote future. By following...
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Meet the consultant… Craig Eley

03 June 2021
1. What does being a senior consultant involve? At its core, being a senior consultant is...
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Why personal development matters

07 May 2021
Personal development is, by its definition, personal. We came to that revelation after a recent...
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Meet the consultant… Charlotte Stanyer

05 May 2021
1. How would you define your role? Assistant consultant is an important and dynamic role, that...
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And I would walk 981 miles, and I would walk 981 more

04 May 2021
We’re supporting local charity, Thrive Birmingham, by taking part in the virtual John O’Groats to...
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Personal development – a team perspective

16 April 2021
Investing in people is a critical element of any successful organisation. Encouraging the workforce to...
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Moving forward with change in the public sector

15 April 2021
For the public sector, change is often viewed as something to fear, with failed transformation...
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Meet the consultant… Amarpreet Assi

08 April 2021
In a nutshell, what does a junior consultant do? As a junior consultant, I manage small...
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New business structure puts people development first

31 March 2021
To strengthen our cross-service offering and accelerate the development of our team, we are shifting...
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Building back better: What culture lessons can NHS trusts learn from 2020?

24 March 2021
Even before COVID-19, NHS trusts had been facing several cultural challenges. These include a lack...
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Evolving the way we work

10 March 2021
The disruption of the pandemic has provided us with a unique opportunity to transform the...
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Meet the consultant…

26 February 2021
In a few words, what does your role involve? Being a programme manager is all...
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Lessons learned pre-mortem – top tips

24 February 2021
Here at Entec Si, we undertake project and programme assurance work for IT-enabled change. Our...
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Rolling out positive change in 2021

16 February 2021
The pandemic has taught UK business leaders some valuable change lessons. By building these into...
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Putting our employees’ mental wealth first

09 February 2021
The events of 2020 caused feelings of stress and isolation for many people, impacting their...
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Meet the consultant…

05 February 2021
Put simply, what does business analysis involve? Using problem-solving skills to help take a business from...
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Enabling the third sector to keep on giving

19 January 2021
The not-for-profit sector has had to quickly adapt its practices during the pandemic. With a...
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Developing our people, come rain or shine

14 January 2021
Come rain or shine, people are our top priority at Entec Si. Keeping up our...
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How to transform traditional training methods

13 January 2021
Remote working looks to be the future, with many UK businesses planning to make it...
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Meet the consultant…

06 January 2021
Put simply, what does a business analyst do? There are lots of different elements to business...
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Turning data into a valuable business asset

21 December 2020
As organisations adapt to the ‘new normal’, it’s important that they don’t overlook data. Disorganised...
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Versatility is in our DNA

18 December 2020
Versatility is one of our core business values. Our team's ability to to adapt to...
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The meaning of integrity

10 December 2020
Honesty and integrity are second nature for us. We believe it's vital to treat our...
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Meet the consultant… Tim Powlson

07 December 2020
Describe what you do in a few sentences Put simply, I help organisations to improve...
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We’re all about commitment

03 December 2020
Commitment sits at the very heart of everything we do. As a team, we always...
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Collaboration is the word

26 November 2020
Our company values are critical to everything we do. One of these is collaboration. It's...
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Meet the consultant… Julie Smith

17 November 2020
Why did you enter the world of business change? Before joining Entec Si, I had a...
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Top tips for getting the WiFi coverage you need

05 November 2020
Wherever we are we want internet access. All the various handheld gadgets, phones and tablets...
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From reactive to proactive: Don’t forget about strategic change

04 November 2020
COVID-19 forced business leaders to introduce short-term improvements quickly in order to maintain continuity and...
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Meet the consultant… Shaun Richards

23 October 2020
What does your role involve day-to-day? Being project coordinator involves making sure all the different elements...
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Giving back to the Birmingham community

14 October 2020
Lockdown has provided the perfect opportunity for us to ramp up our CSR activity. As...
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Prepare for take-off: Optimising the passenger journey

07 October 2020
Delays can cause a host of issues for airports, increasing the risk of both reputational...
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Meet the consultant… Sue Johnson-Gregory

30 September 2020
In a nutshell, what do you do? As a principal consultant, my role involves a bit...
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COVID-19 series: making the most of positive change in local government

22 September 2020
The outbreak of COVID-19 prompted local authorities to make major organisational changes quickly. However, much...
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COVID-19 series: achieving a positive post-coronavirus culture

12 August 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic led to many organisations having to transform their ways of working. However,...
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COVID-19 series: our top tips for successful remote working

04 August 2020
Many companies had to quickly introduce remote working solutions over the last few months to...
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COVID-19 series: how to build a more resilient healthcare system

07 July 2020
The NHS has been through a period of rapid change over the past few months....
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COVID-19 series: achieving an agile business

07 July 2020
During the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working tools and technologies have enabled organisations to maintain continuity...
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Where are you on the change curve?

06 July 2020
We are living through an enormous change. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced all of us...
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COVID-19 series: three steps to building a resilient business

03 July 2020
From interrupted services and the closure of offices to the need to follow the Government’s...
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Cultural migration: Finding the silver lining

15 June 2020
Migrating systems to the cloud might seem like an obvious choice for businesses, as it...
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Covid-19 Series: working practices

12 June 2020
Remote working has become the norm during the COVID-19 pandemic, with many businesses having to...
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Three top tips for successful cultural integration

29 May 2020
Cultural integration isn’t always a business’s number one priority when undertaking a merger and acquisition...
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A day in the life of… Luke Taylor

21 May 2020
In a nutshell, what do you do? Put simply, being a programme manager involves working closely...
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Covid-19 Series – local government

04 May 2020
While the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting organisations across all sectors, local authorities have several specific...
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Entec Si – Covid Recovery Statement, September 2020

31 March 2020
The Entec Si team have been following official guidance from the Government and health authorities during the...
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Five steps to managing change in the charity sector

16 October 2019
Effective operational change can help charities to make the most of their existing resources, boost...
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Driving value from business change in HE

09 July 2019
Investing in up-to-date facilities and undertaking a business culture transformation could support UK universities in...
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Sofia’s first month

02 July 2019
My first month with Entec Si has been amazing! I am doing a level 4...
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Happy GDPR anniversary

26 June 2019
Back in June 2017, we started the process of auditing and reviewing all personal data...
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Three key steps to navigating the politics of change

17 June 2019
Business politics can be one of the main challenges when looking to drive successful business...
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New hires: Three is the magic number

04 June 2019
We’re pleased to announce that the Entec Si family has grown, as we welcome three...
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My first month

10 April 2019
It’s hard to believe a month has passed since I joined the Entec Si family....
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Five things to remember during a tender process

08 April 2019
Avoiding disruptions to daily business processes when putting IT or other third-party services out to...
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Smoothing the transition: A modern approach to HR solutions

29 March 2019
Employee self-service (ESS) is dramatically changing the world of HR. But for those organisations that...
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Airports get to the front of queue management

27 March 2019
Long queues at UK airports have recently made headlines, with a Which? report finding that...
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Our Academy Practice

18 March 2019
Career development is the process that forms a person's work identity. It's a significant part of...
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Moving forward with CSSC

21 January 2019
We’ve been working closely with the Civil Sports Council (CSSC) on their Digital Service Programme...
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2019: Our year of growth

16 January 2019
Consolidation was the key word for us in 2018. We built on existing relationships with...
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Why a data warehouse is crucial for your law firm

08 January 2019
Consolidation is a trend within the legal sector that shows no signs of slowing. Indeed...
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Engaging with stakeholders

03 December 2018
Meet the stakeholders Stakeholders play a crucial role within a programme or project and have a...
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Searching for stars: our first recruitment event

16 November 2018
Earlier this month we were joined by budding business change professionals from across the UK...
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M&A: How to achieve a successful culture integration

29 October 2018
UK merger and acquisition (M&A) activity is fast becoming known as the go-to method for...
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Supporting Revenue and Benefits procurement

16 October 2018
The procurement We’re excited to have supported East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) and Borough Council of Wellingborough...
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Reasons to prepare for Microsoft support deadlines

05 October 2018
In 2020 Microsoft will be ending support for both its Windows 7 operating system and...
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Celebrating our most successful year to date!

05 September 2018
The past year has been an exciting and rewarding one for us. Not only have...
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New contract win

01 August 2018
We've been included as one of the technology consultancy framework suppliers to Cherwell District Council and...
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The sweetest hello!

06 July 2018
My introduction to Entec Si has been a cheery whirlwind of activity during my first...
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Meet the Programme Managers

04 July 2018
As Programme Managers we work closely with our clients to deliver strategic business outcomes. Central...
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My first month

26 June 2018
If the dizzying heights of Alpha Tower weren’t enough, my first month at Entec Si...
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Analysis practice

08 June 2018
Meet the Analysis Practice, which comprises our Business Analysts and Data Analysts.  Our role varies...
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Meet the consultants

23 April 2018
At Entec Si we’ve always had a strong consultancy strand. Our initial engagement with new clients...
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Getting ready for GDPR

19 April 2018
Since October 2017, our Business Support Team has been working hard to ensure that we’re...
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Great work Emily!

09 March 2018
Emily Wright has been working with us for the past year as a Project Support. However,...
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Project Management, PMO and Project Support

28 February 2018
This is the group responsible for managing and delivering projects. Within this practice a wide...
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Visitor pass project takes flight

09 February 2018
We’re pleased to announce the release of the new IDGateway visitor pass system at Birmingham...
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Working with SG Fleet

24 January 2018
SG Fleet is a leading international solutions provider. They specialise in fleet management, leasing and...
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Getting onboard!

10 January 2018
We’ve redesigned our process for onboarding new employees. By creating a warm, supportive environment, we’re...
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Our growing team

04 January 2018
During the last few months of 2017 we ran a focused recruitment campaign. This brought...
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Christmas party

19 December 2017
There’s nothing that says excitement like an Entec Si Christmas party, and this year was...
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Building our associate network

11 December 2017
We have many years’ experience in building blended teams with our clients, internal staff and...
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Graven Hill website phase 2

07 December 2017
Graven Hill is the UK’s most exciting custom-build housing project. Earlier this year we helped...
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Customer experience management system go live

04 December 2017
We’re absolutely delighted to announce the go-live of a new customer experience management system (Jadu...
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Recruitment assessment day

01 December 2017
Our values are at the heart of everything we do. So when we hold a...
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Council websites go live

03 November 2017
We’re very proud to announce the go live of new websites for both Cherwell District...
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Team away day

16 October 2017
Here at Entec Si we believe that business and personal development are vital to our...
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Strategic Partnership with Virtuoso

10 October 2017
A key part of our recent growth has been in establishing partnerships with other companies...
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We’re recruiting!

02 October 2017
We’ve been undergoing our own transformation over the last three years. In fact our team...
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Meet Megan Evans

26 September 2017
We’re very pleased to welcome Megan Evans, the latest member of our Entec Si family....
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Welcome Pritpal and Marg!

20 September 2017
We're absolutely delighted to welcome two new project managers on board this month. Pritpal Kaur...
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Stratford-upon-Avon cruise

18 September 2017
The Entec Si team and associates recently met up in Stratford-upon-Avon to take a relaxing...
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New office accommodation

01 August 2017
As part of the company's continued growth, we're delighted to announce that we're moving to new...
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New additions to the team

07 July 2017
We’d like to welcome our latest additions to the team. Vicky has recently joined us...
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Cyber Essentials

05 July 2017
We're pleased to announce that we've achieved Cyber Essentials certification following an assessment of our controls...
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Graven Hill website goes live

02 May 2017
We're delighted to see the new website for Graven Hill Village Development Company go live....
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Strategy and business case success

17 March 2017
We’re proud to announce that we've successfully completed a joint IT Shared Services ICT Strategy...
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HR & Payroll takes off

01 March 2017
We've been busy supporting Birmingham Airport to implement Phase 2 of its new HR and Payroll...
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Meet Julie Smith

02 January 2017
We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our latest addition to the team. Julie...
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New website project

01 January 2017
We’re excited to be working closely with Cherwell District Council and South Northants Council to project...
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A rip roaring Christmas party

15 December 2016
The Roaring Twenties were a time of flapper dresses, swinging jazz music and some all...
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Sleep out for Byte Night

07 October 2016
Five hardy Entec Si souls recently braved the elements to ‘sleep out’ for Byte Night,...
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PMO is ready to go!

01 October 2016
We're currently working with Birmingham Airport to help design and implement a new set of...
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Meet our new additions

12 September 2016
We’re delighted to welcome three new additions to the Entec Si family! Carlene Jones and...
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