The Change Challenge: Switching to a bold new operating model

Achieving change for good by introducing a consultancy-based structure

While our new operating model was already in the works, changes to working practices during the pandemic accelerated our need for a more modern consultancy structure. Entec Si has firmly moved out of survival mode and is beginning to thrive.

Eman Al-Hillawi, CEO


Our vision? To strengthen our cross-sector service offering, support our people development strategy and improve our ability to flex around our clients’ needs. This would help us to get back on track for growth, while expanding our team of industry experts.

The solution? To achieve “change for good” by switching to a brand-new, consultancy-based operating model, consisting of seven different levels of consultants.


A bold, consultancy-based business structure was introduced. With seven different consultancy levels, this structure encouraged the team to develop a broader spectrum of experience and skills.

It was vital that people development stayed at the top of the agenda during the pandemic, so a dedicated Support and Learning Group was created. Considering both professional capabilities and softer skills, it ensures no area of skills development is missed.

To promote a culture of continuous improvement, a new Performance and Development Review process was also put in place.

We believe that as many of our people as possible should be engaged in business development activities. Seeking the support of an experienced coach has strengthened our team’s knowledge of business development best practice and helped us to bring in new clients and commissions.


  • Developed an agile and flexible team of consultants
  • Provided a firm foundation for growth, with plans to grow to a team of 40 people by the end of 2022/23
  • Encouraged career progression by focusing on a broader range of consultancy skills to better support clients
  • Enabled team members are now involved in business development activities

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