Improving customer experience for SG Fleet

Putting customers in the driving seat

What many may not appreciate is the scale, planning and orchestration of actions such as changing handsets, networks, lines and architectures. This was done almost seamlessly behind the scenes within the space of a couple of hours following planning overall several weeks and months. What is particularly impressive is the awesome collaboration for this project globally across skillsets and geographies to make this happen. It was fantastic.

Mat Stevens, Head of Innovation and Technology SG Fleet UK


To integrate and improve SG Fleet’s customer experience, engagement and efficiency.

SG Fleet is an international fleet management company which delivers full service leasing solutions, vehicle management and acquisitions. In this project a new cloud-based contact centre was implemented.  The key aim was to improve the speed and quality of customer service as well as upgrading the current IT systems. With three new acquisitions into the SG Fleet family, the task involved international coordination and the programme needed to cause as little disruption to day-to-day operations as possible.


We managed the project delivery from idea to ‘go live’. Our team quickly understood the specific needs of the organisation, navigated multiple international partners and collaborated with three separate business units in the UK.

Coordination and communication came first to make sure all parties were singing from the same hymn sheet.  We pulled on their skills and experience in strategic consultancy and on the ground delivery – such as updating headsets, IT lines and networks – to achieve the desired outcome.

A two-phased roll out of the cloud-based contact centre was agreed, plus robust user testing to ensure the implementation didn’t impact daily business operations at all!

Company-wide IT improvements to upgrade existing functions and remove outdated infrastructure ensured that SG Fleet are fully supported and prepared for their next phase of growth.


    • Full business integration


    • Seamless installation


    • IT/tech upgrades


  • Improved customer experience

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