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Helping Birmingham Airport's new site take flight

We found Entec Si an invaluable addition to the project. Not only did they deliver, they exceeded our expectations. Entec Si truly integrated and became part of the team.

Wayne Smith, Head of IT - Birmingham Airport


With an ever-growing number of passengers travelling through the airport, a new website was required to support travellers on their journey. The new site had to be easy to navigate and responsive on all types of devices. As well as providing core information such as arrival and departure times, the website had to promote the range of services available and build brand awareness.


We worked closely with the airport’s Marketing Team and a specialist web design agency to develop and build a contemporary new website. This process included a complete redesign, with new content added to ensure all passengers could find the information they required.


The project was completed successfully over a six month period. The new website was well received by both staff and customers. One customer commented “I love the new website, so much easier to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for, with one click. It looks fresh and really stands out on the screen”.

Click here to view Birmingham Airport’s website.


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