Enabling self service

Supporting a local authority client to transform its HR and payroll systems


HR and Payroll are two of the key functions for any organisation and their employees. It is vital that an organisation has a system which makes these key areas as simple and straightforward as possible. From March to July 2020 we worked alongside our local authority client to undertake a health check and make recommendations on areas for project improvement, delivering a new HRP system that was already underway.


Our client requested we deliver the system in a phased approach, ensuring the following were central:

  • Quality and change management
  • Self-service
  • Online payslips
  • Submission of expenses

As well as the challenges involved in delivering this complicated project, Covid-19 meant that the project was delivered completely remotely. When the pandemic first hit we worked alongside our client to quickly redefine the project approach and working practices to ensure delivery would be on time and within budget.

When we were first engaged by our local authority client in March there were concerns about whether the existing project would meet its delivery timescales and if it would be delivered to the level of quality required. During the health check we identified that critical areas of the project around communications and change management were missing. As with any project these areas are central to delivering real change and success.

After this initial health check was completed, we worked with the client to manage the project’s delivery. This enabled us to ensure that the system was ready and timescales were realistic. We also delivered the completion of training, migration of data and the user journey. These tasks were managed through our change management process and communications.


  • Improved staff efficiencies – self-service has freed up staff administration time


  • Channel shift – reduced the number of paper payslips down from 700+ to single figures


  • Online authorisations – added new capabilities around online authorisation for key capabilities such as leave and expenses


  • Environmental benefits – aligned the project with one of the authority’s corporate strategic aims to lead on environmental sustainability and their aspiration to be carbon neutral by 2030


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