NHS recovery programme

Helping an NHS Trust restart vital services following Covid-19


After the initial Covid-19 peak, it was vital for our NHS client to pause, reflect and map out their recovery journey to help them to restart critical services. It was an opportunity to learn from the experience, consider some of the positive changes and develop ideas for how services could be delivered differently in the future.


There were a number of different areas and activities across all Trust groups to coordinate and understand. We quickly engaged with key Trust stakeholders to shape a sensible programme to enable speedy delivery of recovery activities in a manageable and controlled way.

We worked with contacts across the Trust to identify the programme work streams including:

  • Diagnostics
  • Outpatients
  • Inpatients
  • Service relocation and primary care integration
  • Corporate enabling work streams (People, Technology, Estates and Communications)

Working with the teams, we identified and prioritised key activities and outcomes in each work stream, establishing good yet lean programme governance to provide well-organised projects which produced results at pace.


The recovery programme worked on short, medium and long-term targets and outcomes helping the Trust to prioritise and focus. With central oversight and tracking of programme activities, the client understood the dependencies and challenges, making more effective decisions and a better use of internal resources.

  • Defined a recovery programme – our NHS Trust client had a Covid-19 recovery programme with identified outcomes, key activities and stakeholders to be able to effectively and efficiently manage their post-Covid return to a more normal operation
  • Alignment – broke down boundaries that can sometimes exist across an organisation and ensuring that everyone was aligned
  • Governance – the programme was supported by the overarching governance to enable our the Trust to be confident that their recovery was on track

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