Improving digital connectivity and data analysis for not-for-profit

Consultant Megan Evans supports our client on a transformational journey

"Working on this transformation was thoroughly rewarding, knowing that we were supporting the charity’s employees with a more efficient IT architecture, and ultimately enabling them to offer an even better service to their customers going forward"

Megan Evans, Consultant, Entec Si


A not-for-profit organisation needed a trusted partner to help it achieve change for good. To be successful in growing its turnover in 2023, it needed to improve its digital connectivity and drive more value from its internal data.

A clear roadmap was needed to make this transformation happen. However, close collaboration would also be key to updating the organisation’s systems and processes, while ensuring investments delivered long-term value.


The transformation process was kickstarted with a thorough situation analysis. This involved working with the charity to pinpoint key areas for improvement and identify targeted solutions.

To ensure the programme stayed on track, a step-by-step plan was developed, including regular checkpoints. This ensured staff had an easy-to-follow sequence for transformation activities and was split into packages of work with clear short and medium term outcomes stated.

To ensure the whole team came along for the change journey, organisation-wide comms and engagement activities were delivered, creating feedback loops.

Establishing a set of ‘transformation principles’ in plain language also ensured that each member of the 200-strong workforce was on the same page about the programme’s end goals.


  • A strong vision for IT transformation, aligning with the mission for the organisation and helping to describe ‘what’s in it for me’ to a broad range of c200 colleagues
  • Identified tangible process and system improvements
  • Delivery of a single IT transformation delivery plan, bringing IT partners and teams from across the business together to deliver the change
  • Five IT and change projects delivered on time and within budget
  • A broad range of project and programme management skills transfer to the charity’s employees
  • A critical friend, on a range of strategic change challenges, throughout the IT transformation journey

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