The Change Challenge: Procuring a brand-new finance system for a not-for-profit client

Delivering long lasting change for The National Lottery Community Fund

Flexibility has become key to the survival of not-for-profit organisations over the last few years. Our long-standing relationship with Entec Si and use of blended teams have enabled us to deliver valuable improvements to our finance system, within tight timescales.

Rajesh Rana, Head of Finance, The National Lottery Community Fund


The National Lottery Community Fund (TNLCF) needed support with the procurement of a brand-new finance system, in line with their compliance requirements. This required a strong set of supporting processes and stakeholder engagement to ensure the transformation was a success, covering everything from supplier identification to submission scoring.


An effective management approach was essential to get the project off to a good start and meet the go-live deadline, which was driven by the age of the current system and compliance requirements. 

The project team worked with the client to develop a full business case to outline requirements. Once approval was gained, Entec Si developed the delivery approach and carried out a full procurement process, including:

  • System requirements
  • Supplier identification
  • Submission scoring
  • Supplier selection

On supplier procurement, the team implemented initial project mobilisation activities and developed “as is” processes alongside data maps and identification of further improvements.

Core to any successful change is people, so the project team carried out a thorough stakeholder mapping exercise and created a communications plan to engage with end users before implementation commenced.

 A step-by-step approach, focused on each phase of the project, made the task more achievable. This also helped the team to respond quickly to new challenges as they arose.


  • Business case approved by stakeholders
  • A fit for purpose system was procured, ensuring that all compliance requirements were met
  • Engagement with key stakeholders from across the business
  • End users involved and communicated with for successful and long-lasting change
  • Agreed approach for further implementation activities post-procurement

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