The Change Challenge: Refreshing recruitment processes for a not-for-profit client

Providing a roadmap that improves staff retention and morale

The support that Entec Si provided has been instrumental in enabling us to carry out a successful recruitment drive already and we are set to launch a second drive soon. I can’t recommend Entec Si enough for businesses that have change requirements

Andrew Hodges, Director of Finance and Corporate Services, Nacro.


Our plan of action: review our client’s current recruitment processes to highlight opportunities to improve efficiency, boost compliance and reduce risk. By identifying these quick wins, our not-for-profit client could also reap the long-term rewards of improved employee morale and retention and strengthen their reputation in the not-for-profit sector.


Close collaboration with key stakeholders was crucial. Effective engagement workshops, surveys and one-to-one discussions enabled our team to capture people’s thoughts and bridge the gap between differing perspectives. Documenting this ‘as is’ process highlighted pain points and potential areas for improvement.

The client’s recruitment data and existing documentation gave us valuable insights, helping us to recommend strategic and tactical improvements. Regularly reviewing the documented process with stakeholders reduced the risk of inaccuracies and enabled early findings to be shared.

Remote working technologies enabled collaboration across the team, but also highlighted the client’s technical limitations, which were included in our review. Regular virtual updates to the client ensured clear visibility of project progress and agility, to change approach / focus as the project progressed.


  • Handover of process maps and supporting context on the ‘as is’ recruitment practice
  • Highlighted pain points and gave suggestions for improvements
  • Identified and categorised recommendations, highlighting key risks and aligning to the longer-term objectives of the client – to be more customer focused, efficient and responsive to change
  • Detailed report produced and presented to senior stakeholders to allow improvements to be actioned
  • Successful phase 1 recruitment drive complete with a second campaign due to commence this summer

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