The Change Challenge: Bringing two systems into one

Supporting two councils to migrate to an external data centre

Our partnership with the Borough Council of Wellingborough (BCW) and East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) has put connectivity at the top of our agenda. We asked Entec Si to project manage the migration of our shared services onto one platform, with the goal of improving and speeding up our offering and processes, whilst realising some savings.

Julia Smith, Head of Customer and Community Services at East Northamptonshire Council


The project aimed to create a streamlined system for a multi-faceted client. As one of the council’s most high-profile services, the Revenue and Benefits department deal with council tax, business rates, and distributing benefits, all of which rely on speed and efficiency of service.

We worked closely with ENC and BCW and their external partners, Capita Solutions, to migrate their Revenue and Benefits Academy platform to an externally hosted data centre. Following a thorough procurement process, a list of necessary requirements was then created and prioritised into a live framework.


Our unique blended team approach and collaboration with stakeholders allowed us to save valuable time and ensure service were not interrupted.

Working alongside the team at ENC and BCW we were able to quickly develop professional relationships with key staff members. This enabled us to maximise efficiency whilst rolling out the new system.

In the months before going live, we worked closely with the internal communications team to optimise employee engagement. Examples of this include the delivery of leaflets to individuals’ desks or simply answering key questions over tea and cake.


This project has produced several key results for the both councils. These include:

  • Reduced costs – due to the use of an external platform
  • A unified network – improved communications between both councils
  • Faster results – a system that is now fit for purpose
  • Future-proof system – a robust system with scope for efficient future change

“Entec Si didn’t just come in and make changes, they worked alongside us listening to our needs to deliver effective and a long-standing difference – providing us with a solid basis for a wider unitary platform.”

Julia Smith, Head of Customer and Community Services  at East Northamptonshire Council





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