When your processes need to adapt… fast

Working with the NHS during Covid-19


As the COVID crisis hit, our NHS client needed to suddenly adapt how they worked, and take on new ways of working.  Almost overnight, responding to Covid-19 changed the work staff were doing, introduced new policies and quickly required NHS teams to adjust to unprecedented circumstances. To enable this swift but coherent change, we helped our client to identify and implement process improvement “at-the-double”.


We facilitated virtual workshops with multi-disciplinary teams, to determine how processes would change overnight (almost literally), promoting a common understanding of the revised processes teams should follow to deliver the necessary outcomes for patients and staff alike.

Short, remotely-led workshops and interviews along with process confirmation analysis and reviews all helped our client to quickly build a shared knowledge, speed up buy-in from those impacted and shape the fast implementation of the change.


Examples of the processes we have touched are:

    • End-to-end staff re-deployment – how to quickly shift staff into critical roles including re-training, re-rostering and maintaining safe staffing levels.


    • Staff coverage review – how to ensure that the Trust maintains safe staffing levels on a day-to-day basis, as sickness and self-isolation bites, whilst minimising the cost of more expensive staffing solutions (e.g. Agency and Bank resources).


    • Data collection processes – for a range of areas including daily bed capacity trends, FIT Testing, Staff Training & Certification – how to implement the collection of reliable, well presented statistics in fast moving situations, to enable data driven decisions at both an Executive and operational level.


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