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2022 set to be a year of growth following framework wins

After achieving steady growth in 2021, we’re preparing for an even more successful 2022 after celebrating two major public sector framework wins and a door-opening partnership.

Framework award

After a rigorous tender process, we have been awarded a place on the G-Cloud 12 framework. This helps UK public sector organisations to find and buy cloud computing services. It’s exciting news that boosts our prospects for the coming year, and we will hold the place until September 2022. However, it doesn’t stop there.

New partnerships

We have also partnered with Softcat, an IT infrastructure and services provider. The partnership will grant us access to 39 public sector-focused frameworks. This includes Consult 18, which provides the NHS and other public sector authorities with a simple and compliant method to purchase consultancy services.

These wins have led to a number of new client commissions including the National Lottery Fund and Harborough District Council.

Eman Al-Hillawi, CEO, commented:

Being selected to be part of these frameworks is testament to our team’s hard work and dedication to strengthen the reach of our services. It will enable public sector organisations to benefit from our expertise more easily. Similarly, this achievement will enhance our growth prospects as we head into 2022.

To learn more about how we can support organisations in the public sector, contact us here.

Helping a local charity garden to thrive

Our team recently got their gardening gloves on in an effort to rejuvenate the garden of a local charity.

Blooming marvellous

18 of our team members volunteered their green fingers in October, giving the Kings Heath gardens of Thrive Birmingham a much-needed facelift. As well as the usual gardening activities of weeding and jet-washing, we also helped to build wheelchair ramps, repaint wheelchair-accessible planters, and cleared the overgrown pathways to improve accessibility for those with special educational needs.

Thrive supports people with varying physical, learning, and mental health needs with therapeutic gardening and horticultural programmes. Their garden provides a peaceful place for those who need it most to relax and take some time to themselves, or to connect with others. In what has been a challenging period for everyone, this has become more important than ever.

Alexandra Bailey, client and garden manager at Thrive Birmingham said of Entec Si:

“Having a group of such enthusiastic and hardworking people in the Thrive gardens for a day makes such a difference. We were able to set them working on projects around the garden that we just haven’t had the time or resources to address up until now. The team from Entec Si came with bags of energy and positivity and were a joy to work with.”

Continued support

Earlier this year, 25 of our team took part in a virtual 981-mile John O’Groats to Land’s End (JOGLE) challenge for Thrive. Overall, an impressive £1,300 was raised for this incredible charity, ensuring it can continue its vital work with vulnerable people.

Anna Lane, one of our senior consultants, said:

“Thrive Birmingham’s ethos around using nature to enhance people’s wellbeing completely aligns with our own. This was the first time that our team has been able to come together to support the charity since the pandemic and was a real reminder of what we can achieve as a team. We’re big believers in giving back to our local community and we hope that our day’s work will make it easier for those who need it most to enjoy this beautiful outdoor space.”

To find out more about how you can support Thrive, visit here.

New business structure puts people development first

To strengthen our cross-service offering and accelerate the development of our team, we are shifting to a new target operating model, that will see around 30 percent of our people being promoted.

New ways of working

By accelerating our growth plans, the pandemic has enabled us to focus on the areas that work well for the business, as well as identify new opportunities for development. The new target operating model will help to enforce these positive changes, creating better flexibility for both our people and clients.

Broadening our skills

The new structure will mean the team will now be made up of seven different levels of consultant. Although people will still have a specialist area of expertise, they will now receive training in a wider variety of consultancy skills. This will enable every team member to support our clients throughout the duration of a project.   

A wave of promotions

To kickstart our new structure, the team’s roles have been reviewed in line with their experience and skill level. For seven of our people, this has effectively led to a promotion. Those moving into new roles include:

  • Sofia Caputo,
  • Eilis Garton-Marrows
  • Charlotte Stanyer
  • Ben Brown
  • Pete Britten,
  • Tim Powlson
  • Sue Johnson-Gregory

Here at Entec Si, we recognise that the success of our business, stems from our people. By delivering this positive change across the business, we can grow into an even more adaptable and forward-thinking consultancy.

A focus on people development

Eman Al-Hillawi, our co-founder and director, said:

“Our previous operating model was based on competencies and skills, whereas it now has a strong people development focus. This will enable our team to diversify their talents, while focusing on areas that interest them the most, ensuring our clients receive the best possible service.

“The realignment of roles during this process has highlighted just how much the team has progressed throughout the last year, and it’s great to be able to recognise and reward this.”

Happy GDPR anniversary

Back in June 2017, we started the process of auditing and reviewing all personal data we held. The result of this review was:

  • A Privacy Policy
  • A Candidate Privacy notice
  • An Employee Associate Agreement

All of our staff were then asked to complete further data compliance checks. Following this we set up relevant retention policies over the 2018 Christmas period.

Supporting our clients

A year on and GDPR has certainly taken hold since its enforcement on the 25 May 2018. Not a day goes by when this isn’t reflected in the day to day work of our project teams based at client sites. Here are some examples of how we have achieved this.

Cross-continental project

SG Fleet, founded in 1986, has headquarters in New South Wales, Australia, and two sites in the UK. They are in full swing, reviewing their cross countries’ regulations and licensing.

We are providing SG Fleet with project coordination on a number of projects. The latest of these being the migration and implementation to a new cloud based telephony system.

The first step was the drawing up of the initial agreement and licensing between the telephony provider and SG Fleet Australia. Once in place, our onsite project coordinator was then able to supervise the novation of the agreement from Australia to the UK offices.

The Australian parliament has been completing some due diligence on updating privacy regulations to close the gap with Europe, although some differences still exist. As GDPR doesn’t just apply to EU businesses, it’s become crucial that the telephony licensing and data accounts follow EU GDPR regulations.

Supporting the not-for-profit sector

The Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC) is a not-for-profit organisation which promotes fulfilling lifestyle opportunities to its 160,000 plus members. We have been working with CSSC for over a year on different projects.

CSSC take all aspects of GDPR very seriously and ensure that they only use and request the minimal amount of information. As a consequence, the GDPR project was of particular importance to them. Courtney Brooks, one of our business analysts, has been supporting CSSC on several activities relating to GDPR:

  • Reviewed their 3rd party organisations to establish if they were a data controller or a data processor
  • Created a document for all 3rd parties to sign
  • Developed a GDPR data flow diagrams detailing the data journey – from their creation, storage and accessibility

As a result our blended project teams have experienced a variety of situations which have helped us gain a greater understanding of GDPR. Alongside this we’ve continued to maintain strong relationships with our clients, and support them to successfully deliver projects.

Happy 1st GDPR anniversary!

Moving forward with CSSC

We’ve been working closely with the Civil Sports Council (CSSC) on their Digital Service Programme (DSP), so we’re taking a moment to give you an update. Not only are we thrilled to be working on this, but it has generated a lot of excitement and engagement across the CSSC team.

All the working parts

We’ve had three suppliers onboard to deliver a new online events management solution, a new customer relationship management (CRM) tool and a new website and online shop.

Our online events software development has been completed. The next step is to test and update the system with the Head Office staff and volunteers who organise events. The idea is to do this in a ‘live’ environment.

As for the CRM, the initial development work has also been completed. We’re now working with both the supplier and the web supplier. This is to develop the integrations to allow both systems to talk to each other.

Finally, we’ve adopted an Agile approach for the website with sprints for the different parts of the site. We’re progressing the designs and wireframes in advance of build.

Running full speed ahead

The coming months are all about preparing for launches and end-to-end testing with users, so we’re expecting a full-on time. There’s still work to do on this programme, but we’re truly full speed ahead!

Supporting Revenue and Benefits procurement

The procurement

We’re excited to have supported East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) and Borough Council of Wellingborough (BCW) to jointly procure a new document management system.

The change

Currently both councils use a paper-based system. However, the introduction of an electronic document management system (EDMS) will be much more efficient. Subsequently it will help to manage customers’ documents, keep in touch with customers more effectively, and resolve their queries.

This change is being made with assistance from our existing supplier Capita, who were chosen as the successful supplier during the procurement process.

Moving forwards

The next phase of the project includes moving the Revenue and Benefits system to the Data Centre. As a result, this will enhance safety and security and will be done in conjunction with the EDMS installation. We are very much looking forward to be working with ENC and BCW on this project!

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