Commitment sits at the very heart of everything we do

As a team, we always give 100% for both our clients and each other. Find what some of our team members feel about this key value.

Amarpreet Assi, Project Manager:
“Commitment to me means going above and beyond to help the client achieve their objective and getting stuck in at all stages regardless of your role within the project.“

Julie Smith, Senior Consultant:
“This year has been one hell of a challenge for us all. The commitment and drive from the whole #entecfamily is extremely heartwarming. The commitment, energy, enthusiasm and willingness to just get on with the job in hand has been key to the success of this year.”

Peter Marsden, Principal Consultant:
“Commitment is always at the heart of our Entec Si way – whether it’s a small task you need to get done by 5pm or a major programme change we always own it, make it happen.

“It’s a value that shines through our behaviours and attitudes. There has never been a challenge like covid and it has asked for new levels of commitment, whether that be working more flexibly, longer hours to meet deadlines, being on furlough, at home with the kids around or simply feeling isolated from our colleagues. It has been about a collective survival and we each given commitment in our way to this.

“Balance is important with commitment – when you go the extra miles it takes its toll and you need to recover, take a breath and take time to reflect.

“Commitment often drives the new business – we get a reputation for getting stuff done and it sticks with repeat commissions and clients asking for named consultants. This is our way and we are proud of it!!!”

Sarah Frost, Resource Manager:
“Over the past nine months the absolute commitment I have witnessed from our directors to ensure that as an organisation, and as a family we ‘survive and thrive’ through this pandemic has been inspirational. Our team have recognised and responded to this; we are fully committed to support them and do as much as we can do ensure we all come through this together.”