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Organisational change knows no boundaries – meaning our experience is vast

From not-for-profit and local government to transport, healthcare and the private sector. Our blended approach has been successfully tried and tested across many industries. We couldn’t be more proud of the work we do.

Government and public sector

We understand the challenges that local and central government organisations face – under resourcing, budget constraints, historic change resistance – and work to deliver change that solves problems, drives workforce changes and supports teams in the process.

The need to adapt and rethink how the sector works has accelerated the shift towards a more modern operating model, fast-tracked digital transformation and highlighted the opportunities of agile working.

Find out more about some of our work with local government.


Being passionate about local communities is high on our agenda, much like many of the not-for-profit organisations we’ve worked with. Being able to make lasting changes, that not only benefits the organisation itself, but also those that they are aiming to help too, gives us a great deal of pride and purpose in our work.

Flexibility has been the lifeline that the sector has needed in recent years – operationally, financially and creatively. Adopting a culture of continuous improvement will ensure that non-departmental public bodies and charities will remain competitive, effective and resilient. But making improvements to workplace culture is no easy task.

Learn more about work with not for profits.


Our teams help healthcare providers and Trusts to balance the top-down with the bottom-up approach when implementing change. Regularly engaging with stakeholders to ensure that the organisation is going in the right direction is essential, along with improving 2-way communication, involvement and understanding from staff on all levels. Without these steps, encouraging the workforce to embrace any from of transformation will be met with resistance.

From digital transformation, artificial intelligence, robotics and cultural challenges, we help healthcare providers and NHS Trusts to better deliver services while dealing with changing demand. From data analytics and information management, to workforce and ward capacity modelling and automation, we ensure cultural and structural changes work with each other, not against each other.

Explore our work with in healthcare.


Improvements in technology are driving forward business innovation and passenger experience in the transport sector.


From technology and IT upgrades, to capacity management, baggage and security handing, to streamlining the communications of outsourced functions, to future-proofing the customer journey, our aim is to support leadership teams with effective change decision making. Find out how we work with the aviation sector.


Technology has the potential to make fleets more productive than ever before, offering a level of flexibility that can help businesses to remain resilient long into the future. Data is at the heart of smart decision making and through analysing rich business data, efficiencies and improved customer convenience can be driven forward. Learn more about our work with the fleet sector.

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