Our sectors

Our clients’ purpose is to serve people and communities, whether that be in the health sector, local government or charity sector, so our team is driven by helping people live healthier, happier and better lives.

Local government

Many public sector organisations are being squeezed from all angles, with radical change through spending cuts and shifts in power and responsibilities as the post-Covid world becomes the norm. The continued drive to improve public services by providing citizens with accessible, informative and innovative services has never been more important, but this has to be carefully balanced with spending pressures.


The third sector faced a catastrophic loss of income during the pandemic but experienced overwhelming demand as communities reached out for support. Finding innovative ways to reach people and raise funds is now a priority for the sector as it adapts to new norms. Digital transformation is being seen widely in the charity sector to enable more effective engagement with the public and its recipients and to ensure IT infrastructures are effective and secure.


​​Healthcare organisations and NHS Trusts have a unique set of challenges that can’t be dealt with in isolation, particularly in this post-Covid world. An aging population, medical staff wellbeing, political changes, decline in funding and rising inequalities are all challenges facing the sector, but patient waiting times and the workforce crisis are more immediate concerns.


People, processes and systems are constantly evolving for businesses, and improvements in technology are driving forward business innovation and customer experience. Whether improving efficiency, profitability, access or convenience, technology is paving the way for more resilient and efficient business practices, so this has to be a constant focus for the private sector to stay ahead of the competition.