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Our Academy Practice

Career development is the process that forms a person’s work identity. It’s a significant part of personal development and spans the individual’s entire lifetime, beginning when they start their employment journey.

At Entec Si we’re passionate about career development and investing in our own people. This also helps with succession planning and talent management. To help progress this we have developed the Academy Practice which is led by our very own Julie Smith.

Welcome to the Academy Practice

The Academy Practice will support individuals on their journey through continual review and coaching. Alongside these reviews we will use assessment tools to recognise strengths and areas for development.

Using the classic T-Model for development, we believe that individuals will widen their range of proficiencies, adding a specialism to their skillset. These are in either project support/coordination, project/programme management, business/data analysis or consultancy.

Our core values

By developing our core values, key behaviours, soft skills, core/business knowledge and business skills, our colleagues will become more rounded. Similarly this will allow for more flexibility within the company.

We’ve recognised through continual career development that quite often career paths change. As a result this model will provide flexibility, so that individuals get the support they need to make these changes.

Training and development

Training and development also provides benefits in a number of areas:

  • Job satisfaction and morale
  • Employee motivation
  • Efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain
  • Capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
  • Innovation in strategies and products

My role as practice lead

When I was asked to develop the Academy Practice, I didn’t have to think twice. Passionate about people and their development, this was a match made in heaven for me.

I see my role as helping to fundamentally assist in our success. In addition to coaching and developing our people, I’m also helping to establish our needs as a company. When continuous learning is supported employees feel valued, helping boost their engagement and retention.

Moving forward with CSSC

We’ve been working closely with the Civil Sports Council (CSSC) on their Digital Service Programme (DSP), so we’re taking a moment to give you an update. Not only are we thrilled to be working on this, but it has generated a lot of excitement and engagement across the CSSC team.

All the working parts

We’ve had three suppliers onboard to deliver a new online events management solution, a new customer relationship management (CRM) tool and a new website and online shop.

Our online events software development has been completed. The next step is to test and update the system with the Head Office staff and volunteers who organise events. The idea is to do this in a ‘live’ environment.

As for the CRM, the initial development work has also been completed. We’re now working with both the supplier and the web supplier. This is to develop the integrations to allow both systems to talk to each other.

Finally, we’ve adopted an Agile approach for the website with sprints for the different parts of the site. We’re progressing the designs and wireframes in advance of build.

Running full speed ahead

The coming months are all about preparing for launches and end-to-end testing with users, so we’re expecting a full-on time. There’s still work to do on this programme, but we’re truly full speed ahead!

2019: Our year of growth

Consolidation was the key word for us in 2018. We built on existing relationships with clients and launched our ‘Academy’ to facilitate staff development. However, after another great year, it’s time to start looking to the next.

What to expect from 2019

So, what’s the word for 2019? For us, it’s growth and by this, we don’t just mean in one area. This includes our internal team as well as our client base.

Our Academy is a great starting place for this. We’re also super excited about our apprenticeship programme, which launches this year. With this in place we hope to drive development through all levels of the company, building on our core values and giving everyone a chance to learn.

2019 sees us invest in our senior team and business practices. Supporting systems and processes and a more strategic recruitment drive will create the basis for sustained growth in the next few years.

By investing in these elements, it will enable us to grow from within. This growth will be the key to our future capability and professional services delivery.

Delivery across industries

When it comes to our clients, the only way is up. We will actively expand our client base across established sectors of local government, airports, and not-for-profit. We also see potential growth in the transport, legal, and health sectors.

The Entec Si way

We are entering the new year with a positive outlook and a very capable delivery team. Our strong blended team approach, consistent client commitment and caring culture will underpin a year of expansion and individual staff development.

Why a data warehouse is crucial for your law firm

Consolidation is a trend within the legal sector that shows no signs of slowing. Indeed mergers and acquisitions (M&As) allow law firms to reap the benefits of economies of scale, expand their areas of expertise and access a larger pool of talent.

However, firms should be wary of unintended consequences. With information spread across various platforms, M&As can reduce the visibility of internal data. This makes it difficult to identify potential risks and opportunities. To avoid this, it is essential that firms implement a consolidated data management approach. At the heart of this sits a centralised ‘data warehouse’, acting as the hub for all internal data and business reporting.

Why is a data warehouse vital?

Using multiple platforms to store off-system data is not just a drain on manual resources. It can also reduce the accuracy of information – which can quickly become outdated or fall foul of GDPR legislation.

A data warehouse can help firms to avoid these pitfalls. Manual processes can be reduced, the data can be made more accessible and a ‘single source of truth’ can be established. What sits behind this is one central platform, which incorporates automated feeds from different business systems.

The ability to build dashboards and reports also supports strategic planning across key sectors. This level of analysis enables decision-makers to thoroughly inspect particular areas.

How to implement it

There are number of questions that need to be considered when choosing the most appropriate IT platform for a data warehouse:

  • Who requires access to data?
  • Which area of the business do they work in?
  • Which systems will they need in order to source the data?

Firms may need to transfer off-system data to new applications or remove redundant systems. Similarly data cleansing or classification may be needed. Assigning responsibility to a member of internal staff to oversee the entire project can also speed up project delivery and boost the chances of success.

Before you begin…

Firstly, it is vital that law firms seek out the right professional advice. This can be sourced both from specialists and by utilising ‘blended teams’ who can assist the firm’s team to increase the efficiency of the project. With support from a variety of advisors, law firms can make sure their data warehouse implementation is a success.

To discuss data centralisation strategies and discover how your business can benefit, please contact Peter Mardsen or another member of our team.

Engaging with stakeholders

Meet the stakeholders

Stakeholders play a crucial role within a programme or project and have a vested interest in its success. Therefore it’s essential that programme and project managers build positive relationships with them to ensure a well delivered series of outputs. This is done through good communication, collaboration and an enthusiastic approach to delivery.

Three of the senior stakeholders that we work closely with are Glenn Hammons and Michelle Drewery of East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) and Karen Denton of the Borough Council of Wellingborough (BCW). As senior stakeholders of a shared IT service, they’re all committed to the successful delivery of a programme of change.

As with any large-scale change, IT transformation will impact a number of key areas. These include workflow, business rules, what gets automated and perhaps most importantly, corporate culture. Subsequently, by maintaining strong relationships with senior stakeholders we ensure that all key messages are shared collaboratively.


This relationship is created and maintained through a series of weekly calls and meetings. As a result we’re able to sustain a solid understanding of our clients’ needs. By producing detailed plans we understand how and when we should engage. These also play an important role in continuing communications with stakeholders.


Searching for stars: our first recruitment event

Earlier this month we were joined by budding business change professionals from across the UK for a first-of-its-kind recruitment networking event. The evening provided attendees with a great introduction to our business. Equally it enabled us to meet some fantastic new talent!

A warm welcome

On arrival, attendees networked with other candidates and members of our team over nibbles. At this point they were treated to a series of videos showcasing some of our greatest client achievements.

It was then over to our directors Eman Al-Hillawi and Peter Marsden for a presentation about the company. They talked about how we were formed, what sets us apart from the crowd and our exciting plans for future growth. Following the presentation, the mic was passed over to attendees, who were given the opportunity to quiz our team.

Getting to know us

We’re proud to break the mould. Here are the top 5 things that make us different from a traditional consultancy:

  1. We’ve made our mark on the Birmingham skyline – Looking out across Birmingham, you’ll see several iconic landmarks where we’ve delivered successful projects – from Birmingham Airport to the city’s impressive library.
  2. We’re dedicated to developing our team – Our recently-launched Entec Si Academy has been designed to help new talent achieve personal career and development goals.
  3. We’re a great bunch of people! – We pride ourselves on being a tight-knit and supportive team. Without doubt our quarterly away days are one of the highlights of our year! We really care about our people and what we do for our clients.
  4. Working across a huge range of areas – From programme and project management through to strategy and business planning for a number of industries who are putting business change at the top of their agenda. We’re also lucky enough to find our work genuinely interesting, rewarding and almost always good fun.
  5. Sometimes we do chocolate runs! – We’re committed to giving back to local communities and organisations. We even recently completed a charity chocolate run!

We hope that attendees found the evening to be as insightful and enjoyable as we did. It goes without saying that we look forward to getting to know many more brilliant business change stars at our future events!



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