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The sweetest hello!

My introduction to Entec Si has been a cheery whirlwind of activity during my first three days!

There already seems to be a strong theme amongst the people I have met so far with: chocolate, biscuits, cake and sugar in general – what’s not to like? Hence it is only right and proper that I keep the confectionary theme going…

 Day 1

Alpha Works, Birmingham, entailed the most organised and detailed induction of my 20+ year career history. This was combined with what I now know is the infamous ‘Dave Fisher pastry collection’.  The whole experience was out of this Milkyway, Galaxy and indeed Mars!

 Day 2

Meeting (or hobnobbing with) the awesome Birmingham Airport team. I got to say a temporary goodbye to Vicky on her last day before commencement of her maternity leave.

 Day 3

Meg’s energetic introduction to the Entec Si behaviours and values combined with a brief Time Out to peruse her Bounty of  biscuits.

Looking forward to meeting the rest of the team in the very near future when they return from their Turkish Delight holidays (sorry I’m clutching at Sherbert Straws now!), with many happy days to come.

Meet the Programme Managers

As Programme Managers we work closely with our clients to deliver strategic business outcomes. Central to this is the way we enable, lead and develop a blended Programme culture. This requires a keen eye and the ability to focus on all elements of a Programme. It’s an approach that achieves success and leads to results that we’re all proud of, especially our clients.

Programme managers at work

Throughout a Programme we never lose sight of the outcomes that are defined by our client at the outset. It’s important to us that we listen carefully and really understand what they want and need.

We work closely with clients to develop teams that can drive change forwards. In order to do this we look at the complete picture, including people, organisation, processes, technology and infrastructure.

Going on a journey

Key elements to the success of any Programme are ownership, clarity of goals and realising the benefits of change. We appreciate that we have to take our clients on a journey in order to achieve these. As a result we build strong relationships that enable a Programme to reach its greatest potential.

People make change

Change and people are intrinsically linked. Basically one cannot happen without the other. Without doubt our mantra is to develop trust and maintain great relationships with all parties involved in the change journey. We love knowing that a successful Programme is a job well done, and that our clients are happy with the outcomes.

My first month

If the dizzying heights of Alpha Tower weren’t enough, my first month at Entec Si has been a whirlwind of learning and new experiences. From training in the office to my first day on-site, it’s been an exciting month!

A great start

First days are usually a thing of dread, but going into the unknown has never been so friendly. Training focused upon me becoming part of the Entec family. This included an interactive session on core values and getting to grips with my new tech. The week followed a similar pattern, intertwining learning and doing, and involved a variety of interesting tasks.

Making big steps

The Entec Si team had no problems answering my questions and helping to progress my development. Within a short period of time, I had already released my first bit of work for Entec Si – a tweet! Although small, this felt mighty and was a big step in my new role.

Another exciting step was my first visit to a client site, however this ran smoothly with the help of the Entec Si team. It was an invaluable experience and a productive day that helped me understand in more detail what the team does.

Overall, my first month at Entec Si has been both an overwhelming but enjoyable experience. I have felt welcomed and supported and couldn’t have asked for more from my new team.

Analysis practice

Meet the Analysis Practice, which comprises our Business Analysts and Data Analysts.  Our role varies from client to client and project to project.  Put simply, it’s our job to understand, capture and communicate the facts of a project.  Getting to grips with the facts could mean looking at the processes people follow, the data they rely on, the systems and tools in use or a combination of all these things.

Agreeing requirements

Our main responsibility is to develop an understanding of a client’s operation. This enables us to uncover the root cause of an issue or realise benefits. With this understanding, we build a set of clear requirements. In order to achieve this we use a range of techniques including: workshops, interviews, observation and process or data modelling.

Skills analysis

To be successful as analysts, it is important that we bring a variety of skills.  Many of these are softer skills:

  • Problem solving
  • Strategic thinking
  • Technical writing
  • Public speaking
  • Team building
  • People skills
  • Clear and logical thinking

Delivering the right solution

We contribute to the success of a project by developing an understanding of a problem and helping to uncover potential solutions. Through collaboration with teams we’re able to effectively manage expectations. As a result we play a large part in ensuring that the right system is delivered for a client.

The brain of the project

Business analysis is an umbrella term. It includes very practical work, such as illustrating the outcomes of an organisation. On the other hand, it can consist of detailed process mapping or the modelling of a data flow. Even some of the more consultative elements, for example strategic organisational design, can be regarded as business analysis. In a word, a Business Analyst can be seen as the “brain” of a project. Just don’t tell the project managers we said that!



Meet the consultants

At Entec Si we’ve always had a strong consultancy strand. Our initial engagement with new clients often begins with a small consultancy commission. This is a great way for clients to see how we work. They can experience our approach and engage with our people before making a longer-term commitment.

What do our consultants cover?

Consultancy work consists of a wide range of areas. These can include:

  • Defining business cases
  • Developing business strategy and target operating models
  • IT strategy and health checks
  • Assessing future change programmes
  • Undertaking options appraisals

Our consultants will often have the first contact with clients. They take time to listen, learn and understand the culture and needs of clients. It’s these key skills that we bring to bear at the early stages of our engagement.

Ensuring care and collaboration

Our principal consultants will always play a lead role with clients. They support our project teams on the ground, deal with commercial arrangements and ensure that we’re delivering to the client’s expectations. At all levels our consultants maximise client engagement through the care and commitment they bring. Consequently this leads to mutual trust and positive, ongoing collaboration.

Getting ready for GDPR

Since October 2017, our Business Support Team has been working hard to ensure that we’re GDPR compliant by the critical date of 25 May 2018. Consequently, we’ve been carefully following the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) guidelines and regularly check their website for updates.

In particular we felt that we needed more guidance on how to deal with a data breach. As a result, Dave and Megan attended a course to increase their understanding of this area.

Planning for GDPR

A GDPR Action Plan was created to guide this project. With a clear plan and time on our side, it has been relatively easy to make progress through this complex area.

Monthly Project Boards provided opportunities for us to share, discuss and amend information audits, documents and policies. As a consequence, senior stakeholders were kept well informed of our progress.

GDPR updates have been provided to the wider Entec Si Team during monthly team meetings. The final GDPR Policy and Privacy Policy will be shared with employees at a Team Away Day in early May.

A big thank you

We’d like thank our data controllers and processors who’ve done an excellent job in keeping us informed throughout this process. We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done and excited to be ‘GDPR ready’!

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