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Meet the consultant… Tamara Pleasant

24 • 05 • 23

Meet the consultant… Justine Howl

18 • 05 • 23

Meet the consultant… Eman Al-Hillawi

25 • 01 • 23

Investing in professional development for budding talent

30 • 11 • 22

Our budding talent joins Future Faces body as we continue to invest in professional development

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Meet the consultant… Megan Evans

30 • 11 • 22

Starting her career as a primary school teacher, Megan now holds the crown for keeping her team and projects organised.

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Julie Smith supports Worcestershire rejuvenation

02 • 11 • 22

Speaking at a high profile panel event

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Latest hire: Nadine Kubalek

24 • 10 • 22

Nadine joins as a consultant to bring knowledge of emerging markets in areas such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

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Meet the consultant… Sushila Vadukul

07 • 10 • 22

One thing is for sure, and that is that my role requires me to wear several hats at once.

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Supporting lifesaving project

01 • 09 • 22

Entec Si successfully supports the introduction of the highly anticipated surgical robot

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Meet the consultant… Anna Lane

09 • 08 • 22

Life as a senior consultant means that every single day varies, which is what makes working at Entec Si so appealing.

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Meet the consultant… Jack Sixsmith

13 • 07 • 22

I’ve had an unconventional career path. From university, my first job was with a huge multinational organisation which made me feel a little like a tiny cog in a big machine. Following that I then went into the antiques dealing business. A bit different, I know!

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Meet the consultant… Peter Marsden

13 • 05 • 22

10 things you didn't know about our executive chair

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