Amarpreet Assi, Consultant

1. What is a typical day in the life of a consultant?

Two periods of maternity leave and a pandemic have meant that my experience of being a business change consultant has been somewhat disjointed! Following my return to work, I’m enjoying the renewed sense of balance in my life and cannot wait to fully embrace the nuances of my position in the coming months.

On a personal and professional level, my most important duty is building relationships with our clients. People are at the very centre of every change journey at Entec Si, and it’s vital that I work closely with a client’s teams to ensure their needs are met and the transformation is a success.

2. Can you describe any memorable projects you have worked on at Entec Si?

The project that immediately stands out is the network refresh we undertook for Birmingham Airport. Fascinating and challenging in equal measure, the work was extensive and required our team to update the client’s cable systems across the whole site. It was an enormous endeavour and involved a lot of critical areas in the airport including the control tower, luggage facilities and screens.

3. How has the Entec Si team supported you since your return from maternity leave?

Going on maternity leave once is hard enough but going through the process twice can leave you feeling very disoriented. Entec Si isn’t your average company though and the team’s commitment to caring for colleagues and clients alike was never more apparent to me than with the support I was given during and after my maternity leave.

4. What makes Entec Si a great place to work for you?

Since my first day at the consultancy, I have felt invigorated to be surrounded by people who are on my wavelength and whose dedication to the company’s values resonates throughout their every action and decision. Entec Si boasts a real family environment and is a company that genuinely encourages personal development.

5. What is one piece of advice you would give to people considering a business change consultant role?

What people might not realise about consultancy work is the flexibility and choice you have. As a business change consultant with Entec Si, I’ve been able to venture down other avenues within the business.  This has given me real insight into other roles and disciplines.

Working in this field is also very rewarding because of the diverse pool of expertise you have access to. The clients I have worked with differ markedly from one another and as such, have pushed the boundaries of my knowledge and enhanced my skillset.

6. If you could swop places with anyone, who would it be and why?

My younger self. I loved studying at the University of Leicester, and the chance to be completely carefree again would be exhilarating.

7. With six months left of the year, what is the biggest thing you hope to achieve?

Motherhood is in full swing and with a steady period of work ahead of me, I am keen to get stuck into some substantial projects. Of course, I’m also eager to start forming client relationships again. I love people, and being client side is a part of my job that I have being aching to get back to.