Our services

We bring passion and personality to any project. Our consultants support and guide clients, helping them build a culture of change that lasts long after we’ve left. This approach is underpinned by our values, a set of principles that act as our guiding forces.


Change for good

We know that change is personal. Whether it’s process improvement, digital transformation or data modelling and analytics, we provide a range of bespoke services. Using a flexible, strategic approach, we listen to our clients’ needs and design a roadmap that enables them to achieve their transformational goals. Along the way, we can bring in specialist resources to meet the different needs of a project.

Dev Punjani

Programme, project management and coordination

We provide support at any stage of the change journey: from specification, procurement, planning, design, to implementation. We define and develop structured project delivery plans to ensure that delivery remains on track and changes are communicated.

We ensure that people are placed at the heart of the change and the appropriate training and development is undertaken, to inspire people change and ensure a successful transition to business as usual.

Change consultant Matt Garret discusses software costs

Business, technology and digital transformation

We work with you to scope and deliver transformation activities, removing barriers and ensuring that benefits are understood and articulated.

We have experience in complex transitions, whether this be a business restructure or systems integration, acquisition and merger, contract novation, or site and service relocation.

Eman Al-Hillawi discusses workplace culture with a colleague

Operational, financial and people improvements

We define and deliver strategic change solutions which will enable meaningful operational and financial efficiencies.  We work with you, providing strategic advice and tactical expertise to ensure that people are brought along the improvement journey and benefits are realised.

We transfer our skills by working in partnership with you, to develop client teams that will withstand the test of time.

Insight, data and modelling

We facilitate, observe or research to understand the situation and identify the “whys” to break down your challenges. We couple our delivery experience with your data, to ratify and playback root causes and recommendations.

We collaborate with you to provide clarity on change requirements, scope out solutions and requirements and agree priorities to deliver meaningful outcomes.

Strategic advice and direction

We use our expertise to help shape and develop strategy, working with you to develop your vision and articulate your goals for long-lasting change. We will elicit and prioritise your requirements, providing challenge where required and exploring different options and solutions.

We can develop robust business cases to playback the proposed outcomes and benefits, and associated risks and costs.


How we work

Working alongside clients, we define and develop structured plans and strategies, providing knowledge and experience along the way to inform decisions. Our approach is underpinned by our values, a set of principles that act as our guiding forces – care, collaboration, commitment, integrity and versatility.