Justine Howl, Marketing and Communications Manager

What does your role at Entec Si entail?

Despite there being a degree of consistency in my responsibility for Entec Si’s PR, marketing and communications activities, the variety of tasks I cover is vast. One minute I could be updating colleagues on business matters and in the next, I’ll be supporting businesses with comms and engagement challenges.

Being on the operational board also means I can directly feed into  the strategic direction of the business.

What skills make for a successful Marketing and Communications Manager?

Keeping a cool head is a must in this role, particularly given the need to juggle any number of priorities which can include anything from promoting a project, working with clients or managing internal campaigns. I’m often told I’m a voice of reason because I always try to view multiple perspectives through different lenses when managing complex issues or business changes, this is so very important when making decisions that impact people.

Above all else though, you have to be a ‘people person’ in my role. Listening to others and understanding their viewpoints is the foundation of effective communication. This is integral for both me and the rest of the Entec Si team as business change consultants.

What are the three best aspects of being a Marketing and Communications Manager?

Variety – it really is the spice of life, right! And is one of the best things about my profession. It challenges you and enables you to acquire new skills and knowledge, which leads to job satisfaction.

Working with fabulous people – collaborating with our wonderful clients, my colleagues, journalists and Entec Si’s partners to facilitate a variety of projects is a real highlight of my day-to-day role.

Tangible results – from a PR perspective, there is little else better than seeing the effort you put into press releases, testimonials or thought leadership pieces being translated into a measurable impact and reception.

Why is Entec Si a rewarding place to work?

The people, without hesitation, make Entec Si a fantastic workplace. The opportunities on offer in working for a small business, such as the wealth of activities to dive into or the chance to apply the skillset you’ve developed throughout your career, are similarly rewarding.

What has Entec Si taught you about yourself?

Adaptability. I have always been a resilient person and joining Entec Si last year following a long-term stint in an entirely different industry meant I had to comprehend the operations of a small business, a new sector, new clients and internal procedures quickly. Getting under the skin of a new company was an experience I thrived on though and I have loved learning about what it takes to be a business change consultant and developing marketing communications for Entec Si.

Could you summarise the Entec Si team in three words?

Talented. Dedicated. Values-focussed.

What three places would you like to visit that you have not been to and why?

India tops my list of places to visit for sure! I would love to immerse myself in the food, the cities and the culture and I am hoping to visit very soon. I’m equally keen to visit Canada, for its diverse natural beauty, and Costa Rica, both because of the stunning landscape and the country’s prioritisation of its environment and climate change action.

Who or what inspires you and why?

The first person who leaps to mind is my husband. Shortly before the pandemic hit, he left his long-established sales job and chose to complete a Master’s in sustainability and environmental management. He’s now working for a local authority, helping businesses to be more sustainable. For him, taking that plunge in his mid-forties to pursue his dream was incredibly inspiring and makes me grateful for the purpose I find in my role with Entec Si every day.