Learn more about how we bring flexibility to our projects

Versatility is one of our core business values. Our team’s ability to to adapt to any problem means we always deliver for out clients, whatever the challenge.

Janet Smith, Programme Manager:
“Versatility is important for Entec Si as it enables us to pivot towards the many differing requirements that a client may have for support, without needing to look elsewhere.”

Megan Evans, Project Manager:
“Versatility ensures we can best meet the needs of our clients and can approach situations from different angles if required.

“I attribute much of my versatility to an 8 year career as a primary school teacher. Planning, project tracking, presenting, mapping processes, analysing data, producing reports and policies, comms creation and dissemination, minute taking and action chasing … all these were skills used in teaching that I have continued to develop since.”

Courtney Brooks, Business Analyst:
“Versatility is shown at Entec Si with every piece of work we do and with every client. Our blended team approach means working with client teams to complete the task at hand.”

Peter Marsden, Principal Consultant:
“Since Entec Si was established this value has been an integral part of our DNA. It is what we bring to the fore when faced with new and different challenges – our ability to adapt quickly to changing situations and demands – nothing phases the Entec consultant. Our ability to rapidly shift our thinking and approach, explore new ways of doing things and involve others in the process.

“The very first Entec commission in 1996 was to put right a failing finance system implementation at Dublin University – three months later it was fully recovered.

“This would not have been achieved without applying a versatile approach to identify the issues, resolve them but through engaging with the various stakeholders IT, business and suppliers. Our versatility isn’t just about finding solutions but how we effectively facilitate and manage others to make things happen. The tougher the challenge the more ready we are!”

Shaun Richards, Project Coordinator:
Versatility – the ability to adapt and thrive. Just about sums up our year!”

Tamara Pleasant, Senior Business Analyst:
“We always demonstrate versatility in delivery, flexing our approach to suit the client and objectives. This year it’s stepped up – our staff and partners have gone above and beyond throughout the Covid-19 crisis.”