Find out about Janet

1. In a few words, what does your role involve?

Being a programme manager is all about considering the bigger picture for an organisation. Juggling several different projects is like imagining a completed jigsaw and then putting the individual pieces in the right place.

As a manager, another important part of my role involves trusting in my team’s expertise and bringing out the best in them to get great results for the client.

2. What does a day in the life of a programme manager look like?

There are no ‘normal’ days for a programme manager, but mine are usually filled with meetings – updating clients on programme developments and getting feedback from my team. I also spend a lot of my time considering ways to improve client outcomes, as well as the needs of different projects and how our people fit into them.

3. Any lessons you’ve learned in this role?

Having started at Entec Si on day one of the first national lockdown, I quickly learned that many aspects of consultancy work can be done just as well virtually. From making it easier to support clients based across the country to improving people’s work-life balance, I think the positive aspects of remote working far outweigh any negatives. However, I’m looking forward to meeting my colleagues face-to-face over a coffee as soon as it’s possible.

4. What are your personal or professional goals this year?

Professionally, I’d like to continue improving my skills and bringing my best to every area of my work.

From a personal perspective, one of my biggest highlights from the past few months has been having the time to complete a three-mile walk before work each day. Exercise is such a great way to clear the mind before sitting down at my desk so I’d like to keep it up, whatever the weather.

5. What does mental wealth mean to you?

It’s never been more important to dedicate time to looking after your mental health and wellbeing. A key part of that is having a healthy work-life balance.

Personally, I find that spending time in my garden, tending my fruit and vegetable patches keeps me happy and has the added benefit of providing delicious home-grown food all year round.

6. What has brought you joy or inspired you recently?

Other than my garden, during the early months of 2020 I got some day-old Bantam chicks. Seeing them develop from little balls of feathers to fully-grown hens has been a truly rewarding experience. Having fresh eggs every day is an amazing added bonus!

7. Something you’d like to try in 2021

The long period of working and socialising remotely has made me long to get off the grid and explore, as soon as it’s safe to do so. My husband and I are planning to invest in a motor home and later in the year we’d love to go on a wild camping adventure.