Transforming the way we work

The disruption of the pandemic has provided us with a unique opportunity to transform the way we work and create a new business plan that best fits both our clients and team. But what does this new approach to business development entail?

A focus on mutually beneficial partnerships

Over the years, we’ve noticed that while a number of consultancies specialise in technology implementation, being able to provide change management support is what truly sets us apart. As part of our new business plan, we’ll focus on forming strategic partnerships with companies providing complementary services, helping us to deliver even more value for our clients.

Opening up the talent pool

No longer bound by geography, the pandemic has transformed our recruitment approach, introducing a new level of flexibility. This has enabled us to recruit people purely based on their skills and experience. With location no longer a deciding factor, we can focus on building an expert team that perfectly supports our clients’ needs.

Embracing change

Eman Al-Hillawi, co-founder and director of Entec Si, said:

“The pandemic may have forced many businesses to rethink their plans last year, but it has created an opportunity for us all to improve the way we work for the long-term. Change has become an accepted part of our lives now, and this should be embraced.

Working remotely has allowed us to focus on finding the best fit, whether that relates to our clients, people or partnerships. Now that we aren’t limited by location, we can deliver exceptional change management solutions to organisations across the UK.”