Find out about Charlotte

1. How would you define your role?

Assistant consultant is an important and dynamic role, that facilitates the smooth progress of a project. It involves plenty of monitoring and coordination to ensure all activities run to the planned timescale and stay on budget.

A keen eye for detail is important too, to ensure no risk or opportunity is missed.

2. What makes an outstanding assistant consultant?

Someone who is proactive above anything else. Being an assistant consultant is like spinning several plates at once, so being flexible and adaptable is essential.

There are always opportunities for progression and self-improvement. However, being open to constructive criticism and eager to learn are key to becoming the best consultant you can be.

3. What did your route to becoming an assistant consultant look like?

My background in business consultancy enabled me to secure my dream role at Entec Si. Since joining, the business has helped me to step-up my knowledge with the Prince2 project management and Business Analysis Foundation qualifications.

With the team’s ongoing support, I’m excited to see what the next stage of my career at Entec Si has in store.

4. What first drew you to Entec Si?

I first came across Entec Si on social media and felt an immediate connection with their values. It was instantly clear how committed they are to the work they do and this really resonated with what I believe in.

Despite obviously being hugely professional and great at what they do, the team came across as warm and vibrant and I knew it was the right place for me.

5. Your most memorable experiences at Entec Si to date?

Watching the company adapt so quickly to the challenges of lockdown, including the need for remote working, has been inspiring and is something I won’t ever forget. Everyone in the team has been brilliant at supporting each other through their personal challenges and the consideration for staff wellbeing has remained a priority for the business throughout the pandemic.

6. Your biggest achievement outside of work?

In the last year, I’ve managed to purchase my first home. Even without the added challenge of the pandemic, this feels like a huge achievement and is something that I’m very proud of.

I’ve learned so much from the process, including the all-important art of DIY and am even the owner of my very own toolkit

7. What’s something different that you’ve always wanted to try?

I would love to try my hand at skydiving, either along the Devon coast or somewhere more exotic, like Australia. I have no doubt that I’d be terrified, but as a firm believer in micro-stresses – pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in order to achieve personal growth – I imagine there’s no experience quite like it.