Going from strength to strength

We’ve appointed a new CEO and executive chair to drive the business forward on its growth journey.

Our co-founders and former managing directors, Eman Al-Hillawi and Peter Marsden, are stepping into the new roles as part of our strategic move to a new consultancy-based operating model.

Introducing our CEO and executive chair

As CEO, Eman will be responsible for Entec Si’s day-to-day running This includes delivering our business plan, financial management and the development of our senior team.

Peter will focus on guiding our long-term strategic direction. His role includes business planning, forming new commercial partnerships and identifying future growth areas.

Entec Si is evolving

Our recent move to a new consultancy structure is enabling us to strengthen our cross-sector service offering. Similarly we’re able to accelerate the development of our team.

The business is now made up of seven different levels of consultants. This new structure means that our people receive training across a wide variety of consultancy skills. Our approach enables us to support clients on all aspects of a project.

During the pandemic, we also kept up our commitment to people development, sponsoring 21 people across the business to participate in training sessions or complete professional qualifications.

A word from our CEO, Eman Al-Hillawi:

“The way that we have pulled together and grown stronger over the last year and a half has demonstrated the resilience of our team. It’s really shown what can be achieved with the right people around us.

“Peter and I are now ready to take the next step on Entec Si’s growth journey. We believe that our new roles will be key to taking the business to the next level.”

A word from our executive chair, Peter Marsden:

“Being a managing director at Entec Si has been a hugely rewarding experience. But taking on the role of executive chair will enable Eman and I to embrace new challenges, while playing to our strengths.

“Our continued investment in the next generation of consultants is also vital for passing on the leadership baton. It also ensures that the business delivers exceptional consultancy for years to come.”

6. What is your biggest achievement in life?

There are a few things in life that I’m proud of right now. From a professional perspective, it feels as though the years spent working hard across a variety of functions, with a number of blue-chip companies, has led to my career here. Right now, I can confidently say that my work life has brought me into a space where I feel comfortable and happy.

In my personal life, bringing up my children and seeing them safely progress through university with good qualifications and careers is an achievement for me. Another achievement is looking after my own health.

7. How do you like to relax outside of work?

I love being outdoors! My main hobbies are walking, the gym, spin class, and – maybe a bit of a strange hobby – but I love jigsaws! Whenever I have a bit of a break, or there’s a task which requires some thought, I will do a jigsaw and it helps to relax me.

The largest one I have completed was 3000 pieces and took me six months on and off to complete. I feel as though the challenge teaches us about different problem-solving methods. It’s always an amazing feeling when you complete one, there’s a real sense of satisfaction and I really enjoy adding the final piece to the puzzle. When I have settled in my new home there will always be a jigsaw on the go.