If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about our CEO, Eman Al-Hillawi, now’s your chance

Here are a few fun facts that cover everything from breakfast to business.

1. She’s the ultimate morning person

For many, 6am is an early start – for Eman it’s a lie in!

“I used to start my day at the very early hour of 5.30am, but nowadays I go to bed a bit later and get up a bit later too – between 6 and 7am.”
She also enjoys a morning run after a light breakfast of cereal with fruit or toast.

“Three times a week, I’ll go for a 5K run before I sit down to start work – I find it gets me feeling energised and ready to face whatever challenges the day holds!”

2. She’s all about planning

Once Eman has sat down with a coffee and got on top of her inbox, she looks at her diary and plans exactly what she needs to achieve during the day.

“I always try to look at my schedule one or two weeks ahead. This allows me to work backwards in terms of my goals for that period and decide what I need to prioritise. In my role, this can change quickly during the week, so I’m constantly reviewing my diary and switching things around.”

3. She loves running, climbing and… flying?

When the pandemic hit, Eman found that running was great at helping her to process her thoughts and relieve stress.

Her talents aren’t limited to the ground either.

“I also do indoor climbing whenever I get the chance. I love the problem-solving element of working out which hand or foothold to move to next. Finally, getting my private pilot’s license is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Being up in the clouds gives me perspective and focus.”

4. Going on HRT has changed her life

A friend’s advice to go on HRT was the best advice Eman has ever had.

“While it’s not strictly business-focused, following a friend’s advice to go on HRT has transformed my wellbeing and had a major positive impact on my performance in the workplace.
“Hormonal issues, especially for women going through the menopause, can have such a major impact on their personal and professional lives. I think it’s really important to break down taboos, let them know that they’re not the only one going through it and that there can be light at the end of the tunnel!”