Steady growth in 2021

After achieving steady growth in 2021, we’re preparing for an even more successful 2022 after celebrating two major public sector framework wins and a door-opening partnership.

Framework award

After a rigorous tender process, we have been awarded a place on the G-Cloud 12 framework. This helps UK public sector organisations to find and buy cloud computing services. It’s exciting news that boosts our prospects for the coming year, and we will hold the place until September 2022. However, it doesn’t stop there.

New partnerships

We have also partnered with Softcat, an IT infrastructure and services provider. The partnership will grant us access to 39 public sector-focused frameworks. This includes Consult 18, which provides the NHS and other public sector authorities with a simple and compliant method to purchase consultancy services.

These wins have led to a number of new client commissions including the National Lottery Fund and Harborough District Council.

Eman Al-Hillawi, CEO, commented:

Being selected to be part of these frameworks is testament to our team’s hard work and dedication to strengthen the reach of our services. It will enable public sector organisations to benefit from our expertise more easily. Similarly, this achievement will enhance our growth prospects as we head into 2022.
To learn more about how we can support organisations in the public sector, contact us here.

4. How has Entec Si supported your development?

Putting people first and focusing on wellbeing is engrained within our culture. The past few years have really shown the importance of being able to focus on wellness and mental health. Professional development isn’t just about formal qualifications, this is something you learn as you progress within your career. There’s a massive focus on how we can extend any coaching outside of our careers to help further ourselves.  There is no bar on being able to invest in yourself professionally and those within senior management act as mentors. The multi-faceted investment into people across the business helps to build professional confidence as well as provide useful skills for resilience and emotional wellbeing in all aspects of life.

5. Outside of work, what is your main goal for 2022?

My main goal for my personal life is simple but hard at the same time. Having recently come out of a life changing event and entering a new phase in my life, my focus is to continue to focus on myself, in every area of my life, whether it’s my health, my mental wellbeing or my personal life. I intend to keep achieving goals both in my professional and personal life. Like they say, small steps make way for a bigger change.