Find out about David

1. What does a Business Support Manager do?

I specialise in strengthening Entec Si’s internal operations, so a lot of my work happens behind the scenes.

I have a diverse role ranging from finance related tasks, legal and contractual tasks to providing IT support. Ultimately, I help to ensure that our team members have everything they need to do their jobs.

2. Top three vital skills for performing your role?

Being organised and adaptable is crucial for excelling in any area of consultancy, as priorities are always shifting.

You also need to be a good communicator, as it’s important to be in tune with a client’s needs and responsive to their requests.

3. How did you become a Business Support Manager?

My career started with an interesting mix of IT project management and business analysis, which gave me invaluable experience and many of the skills I needed to excel in my current role.

After that, I moved into programme management support and eventually began working at Entec Si, which has allowed me to play to my strengths and make the most of my experience.


4. What makes Entec Si the perfect place for starting a consultancy career?

Entec Si places a huge focus on its team members’ personal development. There are lots of opportunities to gain experience across different sectors and everyone has the opportunity to work alongside colleagues with diverse backgrounds and excellent professional strengths.

5. How has Entec Si helped you to grow professionally?

The whole company is inspiring in the way that it approaches client delivery and its people’s development, and this has helped me to think differently. The importance Entec Si places on collaboration and nurturing a positive company culture makes it a great place to work.

6. Something people may not know about you?

I’ve always had an interest in music, and I’ve been playing the guitar since I was 14, although I mostly use it as a tool to relax and unwind. During the lockdowns, I actively tried to become a better musician and focused on building up my knowledge of music theory.

7. Favourite thing about working in Birmingham

Birmingham is a great city! It’s located at the centre of the UK, has a fantastic culture and is a great place for businesses to thrive. There are so many great shops, restaurants and other amenities on your doorstep that you’ll never get bored.