Jack Sixsmith

1. How did you get into change consultancy?

I’ve always had an interest in business and management, so when a recruitment agency offered me the opportunity at Entec Si, I jumped at it. I successfully attended a recruitment day and that’s where my change management journey started.

2. What is a typical day in the life of a junior consultant?

No day is the same here. My role is incredibly varied but that’s one of the things I enjoy the most. Depending on the project I’m working on, my day could be spent being creative and designing presentations for clients or utilising my research skills by gathering and analysing data or interviewing people. There’s no set ‘typical’ day but there’s always something new to get stuck into.

3. Why Entec Si? What makes it a good place to work?

Beyond the flexibility provided here, Entec Si takes a lot of responsibility over the personal development and culture within the team. Its passion for career development is unmatched, with support in defining a clear path through training courses, shadowing and meetings. But it also prides itself on the culture it’s built, going above and beyond to ensure team members are being listened to.

After Covid, there was a shared sense of loss amongst the team as the distance between us took away some of the family feel we have always loved. The leadership team responded really quickly, implementing frequent get-togethers, away days and new reporting structures to allow us, not only meet with our line managers, but also the wider team, frequently and virtually. This has to help us connect more, which has already had a big and positive impact on the team.

4. How does Entec Si support your career development?

Continuous development runs through every member of the team. Our managers are constantly on the lookout for training courses and opportunities that enhance our professional skills and there are ongoing discussions as to where you see your career heading. From shadowing others, being placed on specific clients to mentoring from an individual outside of the company, there is a big emphasis on personal and career development here.

5. What has been your biggest career highlight?

It has been really rewarding to guide and transform clients, not just through processes we implement but also transform their mindset too. Getting the balance between the technical and the human side is fascinating. This often involves helping them to think in a more logical, project management-focused way, as well as how things will roll out in practice. For me, supporting a client with a lack of structure and enabling them to adapt and grow has built my confidence massively and is definitely one of my biggest career highlights so far.

6. What does a good work-life balance mean for you? Does Entec Si support this?

Work-life balance isn’t about having set hours, it’s about being able to flex your job around your life at certain times. A lot of the team have young families and are able to work around the school run. Similarly since the pandemic, over three quarters of the company have welcomed new pets to the family! It is refreshing to see how a modern company can fit around your life. This is something I have not seen done quite as well as Entec Si has.

The leadership team are always encouraging different ways of working, from regular ‘walk and talks’ (where we go for a walk and have a catch up over the phone) to frequent team building socials. As you can see, it isn’t just a place where you come to work, it’s more of a community.

7. What is one personal goal for the next six months?

I want to learn how to meditate. I have attempted to do this previously, but I can’t seem to get past half an hour before giving up. My goal is to get to a full hour of meditation!

In a professional context, I’m hoping to get a few more qualifications under my belt, with a special interest in becoming a scrum master.