Find out about Sush

1. What is the role of managing consultant?

For my clients, I’m a strategist and analyst who must spot and solve obstacles before customers are even aware of their existence to enable change for good. For my team, I act as a mentor by sharing knowledge as well as becoming a base of support.

2. What are the three most important skills for a managing consultant?

This one is tricky! There are so many skills required within the role and different skills are useful at different times.

I would say the most important, is being able to effectively communicate. This means tapping into the core of a customer’s issues and being able to put yourself in their shoes.

The next would be being able to present information in a way that is easily understood by customers as different people respond to different methods of interaction and being able to do this helps build customer confidence.

I think being able to understand relationships with and between people at every level of the change project is also a vital part of being a managing consultant. This is because people are at the core of change and it’s important to ensure that we are actively supporting stakeholders at every level.

3. What makes Entec Si a great place to work?

There are so many benefits to my role, such as being able to work flexibly and have more control over my diary is great. However, the real joy in working at Entec Si has to be the people. There’s a huge amount of trust between colleagues and we all know that we’re empowered to deliver to the best of our abilities, at all times.

Given that there is a large remote working element, the environment is incredibly healthy and everybody on the team is more than happy to lend a helping hand if needed.

4. How has Entec Si supported your development?

Putting people first and focusing on wellbeing is engrained within our culture. The past few years have really shown the importance of being able to focus on wellness and mental health. Professional development isn’t just about formal qualifications, this is something you learn as you progress within your career. There’s a massive focus on how we can extend any coaching outside of our careers to help further ourselves.  There is no bar on being able to invest in yourself professionally and those within senior management act as mentors. The multi-faceted investment into people across the business helps to build professional confidence as well as provide useful skills for resilience and emotional wellbeing in all aspects of life.

5. Outside of work, what is your main goal for 2022?

My main goal for my personal life is simple but hard at the same time. Having recently come out of a life changing event and entering a new phase in my life, my focus is to continue to focus on myself, in every area of my life, whether it’s my health, my mental wellbeing or my personal life. I intend to keep achieving goals both in my professional and personal life. Like they say, small steps make way for a bigger change.

6. What is your biggest achievement in life?

There are a few things in life that I’m proud of right now. From a professional perspective, it feels as though the years spent working hard across a variety of functions, with a number of blue-chip companies, has led to my career here. Right now, I can confidently say that my work life has brought me into a space where I feel comfortable and happy.

In my personal life, bringing up my children and seeing them safely progress through university with good qualifications and careers is an achievement for me. Another achievement is looking after my own health.

7. How do you like to relax outside of work?

I love being outdoors! My main hobbies are walking, the gym, spin class, and – maybe a bit of a strange hobby – but I love jigsaws! Whenever I have a bit of a break, or there’s a task which requires some thought, I will do a jigsaw and it helps to relax me.

The largest one I have completed was 3000 pieces and took me six months on and off to complete. I feel as though the challenge teaches us about different problem-solving methods. It’s always an amazing feeling when you complete one, there’s a real sense of satisfaction and I really enjoy adding the final piece to the puzzle. When I have settled in my new home there will always be a jigsaw on the go.