Making positive steps to build a more resilient business

Immediate and unexpected changes were presented to us, and having been forced to rapidly transform systems and processes to provide employees with the equipment and know-how to work remotely, they should be viewed as a positive step in building a more resilient business. As we begin to adjust to a ‘new normal’, how can companies further improve their resilience and maintain business continuity?

1. Embrace technology

The majority of businesses have had to swiftly embrace remote working and cloud-based solutions over the last few months. Moving forward, the implementation of any further technology solutions must be carefully assessed and made in line with the organisation’s overall strategy. A business change expert can help to inform the decision-making process by objectively looking at the various needs of the company and selecting a system that suits it best.

2. Utilise analytics

The use of online systems and processes during the pandemic has led to many organisations having increased access to business data. When used correctly, this data can offer valuable insights into what is working well, and any changes needed to increase productivity and efficiency levels. Analytics can also enable businesses to better understand their client base, allowing them to stay competitive by identifying trends and making informed decisions.

3. Consider company culture

Culture lies at the heart of every company and should be reviewed regularly. Keeping employees in the loop regarding changes and seeking feedback on current and new processes can help to create a safe and supportive culture, which can, in turn, improve job retention and attract new talent.