Using key data to evidence our client’s impact on society

Enabled the client to drive greater value by developing a more collaborative, cross-organisational transformational approach
Adopted a joined-up approach to change that helped the project to be completed on time and on budget
Further cemented our relationship with the organisation, allowing us to lay the foundations for clearer future conversations about the benefits of well-handled change
Laptop data showing added value for non for profit client

The Challenge

Our client in the not-for-profit sector had a simple objective: to showcase the impact of its funding for country-wide projects, initiatives and programmes over the past five years and pave the way for successful future funding.

To highlight the client’s positive impact on society, we set out to foster a creative approach. This involved the use of key data to support the elements of their “Theories of Change”. Each theory highlights the significant social value that had been achieved.

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Our Approach

To emphasise the impact of the many projects our client had supported, an engaging summary report was required.

Inspired by agile behaviours and techniques, effective collaboration across the organisation’s departments was cultivated.

A “Theory of Change” was developed for each topic, providing a framework for the report. These formed the core of the impact story.

The team iteratively interrogated the available data to find the best, most accessible and impactful insights to support the theories.

To further showcase the projects, and bring the work to life, mini-case studies were developed. These provided a pen portrait of those benefiting from the impact of the work.

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