Developing our client with a leadership approach to align with its global strategy.

Identified core business objectives
Mapped out quarterly priorities
Established a scorecard to support monthly reporting
Outlined business planning barriers
Provided recommendations for growth
Facilitating these workshops allowed our client to keep discussions on track and challenge their thinking. We provided advice and experience along the way to probe and validate ideas and capture decisions. It resulted in a comprehensive and clear plan for our client to progress over the next year and beyond.
– Justine Howl, Consultant, Entec Si
Global fleet hire vehicles

The challenge

The multi-award-winning UK arm of a global vehicle fleet company was looking to develop its future leadership strategy to facilitate growth and align the company’s strategy with its global expansion plans.

To enable its team to achieve this outcome, the company sought out Entec Si’s strategic change consultants for guidance.

With many people collaborating on the strategy, our client required expert support and direction. This would help their team make calculated decisions for future growth and business priority areas.

Photo by Obi – @pixel8propix on Unsplash

Our approach

To successfully deliver change for good, our experts deployed our tried and tested ‘blended team’ approach. This involved immersing ourselves in their organisation over the course of the project. By doing so we were able to explore the opportunities for strategic change throughout all areas of the business. This ranged from operations, sales and finance, to technology, innovation and people.

Our change consultants listened to, challenged and steered strategic conversations to help the company pinpoint short, medium and long-term business growth opportunities and eliminate pain points.

By applying our ‘blended team’ approach, we were able to capture the extensive expertise and insight held within the leadership team. This allowed them to draw out the key issues facing the business in the future and help to set objectives and goals over a sustained period of time.

Through these steps, our strategic change experts helped the client establish the processes and resources required to accomplish the agreed goals. Our successful completion of this project has further provided strategic actions and a balanced red, amber, green (RAG) scorecard. This has enabled improved business reporting for the organisation.

Such tools will allow the company to better monitor its progress, improve collaboration and establish clear responsibilities and transparency across the leadership team to achieve change for good in the coming years.