Equipping a local council with the technology and infrastructure needed to bring customer services in-house, using Talkdesk.

Improved customer experience and reduced queue times
Increased staff reporting ability
Cost savings
Effective and efficient service management
Our vast experience working with local authorities and understanding their drive to serve their communities, meant that there was a clear focus that would deliver meaningful benefits to the Council’s residents and employees.
– Eilis Garton-Marrows, Consultant, Entec Si
Digital consultant Eilis Garton-Marrows

The challenge

A district council client in the Midlands made the decision to bring its contact centre operations back in-house. In order to successfully deliver change for good, the Council needed help deciding which technical solution would deliver the best results.

Overseeing change programmes for local authorities can be complex and with the client focus to deliver customer service excellence, there was pressure to deliver a successful transformation within tight timescales.

To improve the overall customer experience, the Council needed to increase the availability of customer service agents by reducing queue times for customers.

Help was also needed to implement a secure payment software between agents and customers, registering all records digitally and aiming for a higher percentage of calls to be resolved at the first point of contact.

Our approach

Our project management team engaged with stakeholders at the Council and the chosen supplier, Talkdesk. Our joined up approach ensured overall service performance was improved and delivered. As a result we supported the local authority through the entire change process. We chose Talkdesk’s cloud contact centre for its automation-first customer experience.

By implementing our signature blended teams approach, we were able to support every step of the change programme – from the procurement process, designing and implementing the call centre in-house, to ensuring the project was delivered on time.

Our team shared skills to help improve the Council’s existing workflow system. This allowed for calls to be taken in-house and reduced overall queue times.

To successfully execute the transition, we offered strategic advice, reassurance, and support throughout the programme. In doing so we kept all employees informed on future changes and provided relevant and up-to-date training.

Moving from using an external communication system to building an in-house call centre can be a difficult transition. By acting as partner and digital consultants throughout the digital transformation journey and providing relevant and in-depth training allowed our consultants to successfully deliver meaningful and long-lasting change.

As a result, the Council will be able to:

  • Reduce expenditure in customer service without compromising customer satisfaction
  • Meet expected financial compliance for customers making payments
  • Improve reporting for customer service managers and team leaders