Enabling CSSC to embark upon a digital transformation journey

Successful delivery of Phase One which has laid solid foundations for the next phase of the programme, which will focus on gathering requirements and supplier engagement

Integrated thoroughly with the CSSC team, leading to a strong and productive partnership

Implemented a series of ‘quick’ wins’ on the current site, leading to improved user experience

Recommended an online events management solution supplier following procurement process

Shortlisted suppliers for a new CRM tool and analysed future mobile options

Artificial intelligence digital service programme CSSC

The Challenge

CSSC provides affordable sports and leisure experiences, and health and wellbeing benefits for its 145,000+ members. We have worked closely to support CSSC through to launch Phase One of the Digital Service Programme which focused on redesigning their online experience.

Image by pixabay

Our Approach

We began by adopting a flexible and engaging approach to working with CSSC. Central to this was our programme governance. This enabled us to focus upon strategic planning, quality assurance and stakeholder management. Phase One comprised a number of key areas. These included:

  • Customer insight capture on the current website user journey
  • Improved user experience on the current website
  • Requirements gathering and procurement of a new online events management solution
  • Market research for a new customer relationship management (CRM) tool
  • Assessment of future mobile options

We were supported by our partners Ammba Digital, who led on the website and mobile elements of the project.