Managing the full end-to-end process, from procurement to full implementation

Enhanced decision-making capabilities across all levels of the organisation
Reduced running costs by almost a third
Enabled efficient working, improved outcomes and trusted collaboration through shared data
Changed time required for bank reconciliation from 18 days per month to a same-day process
What is remarkable about this project is how people worked as one to implement an entire finance system virtually. The success was down to careful project initiation, building remote relationships, and rigorous testing
– Claire Taylor, Corporate Director for Customers, Organisational Development and Resources, Cherwell District Council
Person holding latop new finance system local council

The Challenge

Cherwell District Council (CDC) required change management support to replace its existing finance system. The project’s success depended on a blended team approach and close collaboration with the client to provide a solid platform to deliver financial reporting and management within the Council for the next decade.

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Delivering change for Cherwell

Find out how our consultants managed the delivery of the finance system and the benefits it will bring to Cherwell District Council

Our Approach

We recognised that this implementation touched every department within the authority. Therefore full project and change management expertise were required to achieve success.

By understanding CDC’s longer-term digital transformation strategy and working alongside the client, we carried out a thorough requirements and benefits realisation exercise. This ensured that the necessary financial and operational efficiencies were achieved.

Key to successful project delivery was structured stakeholder engagement and communication, particularly as the project was completed fully remotely.

We worked closely with Embridge Consulting and the new finance solution, Unit4. Our change management expertise meant that partner requirements and goals were understood and delivered on time and on budget.

Thorough testing and training were crucial to the launch and long-term success of the project. Similarly we ensured that the necessary knowledge was left with the client long after we left