Supporting SG Fleet UK to consolidate different systems across their businesses

Successful migration of the two systems into the consolidated Miles system
Enabled SG Fleet to embrace a better approach to planning
Stabilised the system across the business and delivered key post-migration tasks
Secured the provision of project coordination support for their telephony project upgrade
Through excellent planning, project management and just plain hard work you have delivered the project requirements and on time, I am personally proud at the way everyone has pulled together to achieve the end result.
– Peter Davenport, Executive Director, Fleet Solutions
Digitisation integrating business systmes sg fleet

The Challenge

Having acquired UK companies Fleet Hire and Motiva in 2016, SG Fleet UK required support to migrate both sets of data into one system. SG Fleet is a leading international mobility solutions provider, specialising in fleet management, leasing and salary packaging services. They have a presence across Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Our Approach

We came into the Fleet Hire migration at a late stage in its delivery. Our immediate task was to review the project plan and introduce end-to-end testing to compare data. This consisted of functional tests to address any pre-go live issues.

For the Motiva migration, we gathered and documented the specific configuration requirements for the Telematics services and HGV vehicles.

It was essential that there were a series of training workshops across the two sites. This approach ensured that we were successful in engaging users. Key to this was strong teamwork, clear communication and effective planning.