Improving customer experience for Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

Presented summary report to senior stakeholders
Provided an initial ranking of mobile needs across the council
Identified key dependencies
Made recommendations for improvement
The experience of using Entec Si has been a very positive one. They conducted themselves professionally, are well organised and have completed a high standard of work within agreed timeframes.
– Mark Peniket, Service Manager – Neighbourhood Management, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
Laptop and mobile delivering mobile working requirements

The Challenge

We were tasked by Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council to define detailed requirements for a mobile working solution.

Image by pixabay

Our Approach

We worked closely with the council to plan the project and identify key stakeholders. Conducting over 40 interviews and meetings, we flexed our resources to cover all of their main services. The requirements were written in a style suitable for procurement and with the council’s ICT specialists in mind.