Enabling council teams to communicate during Covid-19

Enabled the council to hold their first online council meeting just six weeks after the project began
Supported our client to deliver and make decisions about its essential services
Refocused support to shift to hybrid meetings following the easing of lockdown rules
Laptop remote working local authority

The Challenge

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, local authorities had been forced to consider how they continued to operate with social distancing measures in place. One area of concern was how local authorities moved council meetings online, at pace, and until further notice. Our local government client needed a rapid change project to adapt to this unprecedented change.

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Our Approach

Using an Agile approach, we collaborated with teams across the council to quickly understand the requirements needed to hold and broadcast online council meetings using Microsoft Teams.

The rapid design and deployment of remote training sessions were held with the Democratic Services team and councillors to ensure the first meeting was a success.

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